More drama with the Lohan family

You’d think they’d give a show a minute or two to get its footing and build an audience. But they don’t play like that at CBS! After just two episodes, they’ve pulled the plug on “Made in Jersey.” Did you see it? No? Neither did anyone else. CBS will fill the slot with “CSI: NY” for the next several weeks.

How would you feel if you were Mrs. Ben Affleck and you picked up a copy of “The Hollywood Reporter” to read your hubby’s latest interview only to find out that he’s still in touch with his former fiancee who just so happens to be Jennifer Freaking Lopez?! Maybe Jennifer Garner’s okay with it, because Ben says it’s not like there’re in constant contact. He says they send random emails congratulating each other on different projects. Ben says of JLo, “I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She’s put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I’m really pleased to see her successful.”

RadarOnline says they know who released Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. The woman he’s with is now the former wife of Bubba the Love Sponge, who apparently allowed his best friend to have his way with her with the camera rolling. Bubba apparently was proud of the movie and shared it with some of his friends and co-workers. But here’s the thing — when Bubba left his job at Sirius XM Radio, he apparently left behind some unhappy, unpaid staff members. And one of those disgruntled staffers somehow got a copy of the video and he’s the one who leaked it. A source told RadarOnline that Hulk is just acting like he’s shocked and embarrassed by this private video getting out because the tape was first shopped around about 3 years ago and he could’ve stopped it from being leaked.

Stevie Nicks has issued a public apology for saying that if she were Mariah Carey she would’ve strangled Nicki Minaj to death. Stevie says she was just finishing up a long day of interviews and she’s still struggling with the loss of her mother back in December. Plus, she says while her mom would’ve been okay with Stevie sticking up for her friend Mariah, she was wrong to use the words she did. So for that, Stevie is very sorry.

TMZ is reporting that Dina Lohan’s home was facing foreclosure, so Lindsay loaned her mom $40K to bail her out. So during that ride home after partying in the club all night, the subject of paying back that loan came up and that’s what set off their huge fight. Lindsay called her dad, Michael, who hit the record button on his phone like any good dad would. On tape, you can hear Lindsay saying that her mom is on cocaine. For the complete audio, check