Mel Gibson found someone who will actually date him!

Even though they watched her berate her husband and emasculate him on national TV, Adrienne Maloof’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast mates are taking her side. They thought it was especially tacky when Dr. Paul Nassif had lunch at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant on Monday and then tweet about it. A source told RadarOnline that this was an obvious publicity stunt meant to get to Adrienne, and that Kyle, Kim and Taylor think he’s just trying to drive Adrienne and Lisa further apart. The source says they believe Paul is an opportunist who will stop at nothing to make Adrienne as miserable as possible.

And in other “Housewives” news, Danielle Staub says she had a meeting with Andy Cohen this week. Was it about her coming back to the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”????? I mean, during the reunion show, Teresa confessed that she felt bad about the way she treated Danielle during that first season, so maybe Danielle could come back and the two of them team up against Caroline and Jacqueline! Let’s all slow our roll a bit. Danielle says it was a “general meeting” with Andy and there was a lot of talk about everything….including Housewives. But nothing is official.

Just a few weeks ago, Lady Gaga was seen looking a bit heavier and she admitted to gaining about 25 pounds. On her small frame, that’s a lot. But have you noticed how fast that weight came off? Well! Sources say it’s because Gaga is getting ready to launch her own “healthy drinking water” and it looks like she’s going to say that’s how she dropped the pounds so fast. It’s a smart business move. 50 Cent started the celebrity water craze off back in 2004 with a share of Glaceau Vitamin Water. And when Coca Cola bought the company in 2007, Forbes said 50 cleared $100 million.

What woman is willing to risk dating Mel Gibson? That woman is Ashley Cusato. She and Mel have been dating about a month and she seems okay. TMZ says she’s a stunt woman who’s doubled for Emily Deschanel and Denise Richards and she’s currently training for her black belt in Yoshukai karate. So let’s just say if Mel tries getting in her face, Ashley can handle herself just fine…

More details have come out about what led to the arrest of Flava Flav. We told you how he was arrested at 3:00 yesterday morning after getting into a fight with his fiancee and her teenage son, but we didn’t know initially how violent things really got. TMZ got the police report, and it says that Flav and his 39-year-old fiancee started fighting because she accused him of cheating on her. Flav reportedly grabbed her and threw her to the ground, not once, but twice. And while this was happening, her earring was ripped out. That’s when her 17-year-old son jumped in to defend his mother. At that point, the police report says Flav grabbed 2 knives and chased the teenager around the house. This kid locked himself in a room and Flav kicked down the door to get to him and then allegedly threatened to kill him. Meantime, his fiancee was on the phone calling 911. Police arrived and Flav told them he didn’t chase his fiancee’s son and he didn’t threaten to kill him, but he was arrested and then released on $23K bail. Flav is due back in court next week.