Jessica Simpson’s father may have a BOYFRIEND!!!???

Magic Johnson is being sued by his former employee who was fired for being 15 minutes late. Lanita Thomas worked as Magic’s personal flight attendant from 2004 until she was fired last month, but she says it wasn’t because she was late. She says it’s because Magic wants to hire someone younger and hotter. AND she says the only reason she was late in the first place is because Magic’s so damn picky. He insists on two very specific types of turkey meat on his sandwiches and she was held up at the deli counter. She also says he used to make her squeeze his Red Vines — and no, that’s not code for something dirty. He literally made her squeeze his Red Vines licorice to make sure it was super fresh. What a TYRANT!

Bobby Brown was arrested for DUI….again. This is the second time this year. About 1:00 this morning, LA police spotted Bobby driving all crazy and pulled his car over. They were practically knocked over by the smell of alcohol coming from Bobby’s car. Officers gave him a field sobriety test and I guess he didn’t do so well because they took him to jail. Maybe he drank too much because he heard the rumor about his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, being impregnated by her brother/fiance.

Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing about $15K worth of clothing from the set of “Scary Movie 5.” I mean, the clothes were just sitting there on the rack and they were all in her size anyway so DUH. Why SHOULDN’T she take them? The wardrobe department wasn’t happy one little bit, but producers decided to let it go. They didn’t think it was worth the hassle to go after her, so Lindsay gets to keep everything.

Some nut job who claims to be Selena Gomez’s father is suing Justin Bieber for stealing his credit card and using it to buy cocaine for him and Diddy, who used it in drug-free school zones. He also says Justin used the stolen card to buy male enhancement pills. On top of that, he says he loaned Justin and Selena $426 and they never paid him back. In conclusion, he’s asking for America to boycott Justin’s music. So if he wins this lawsuit, do we really have to boycott Justin’s music??

Even though they haven’t confirmed it, sources say Joe and Tina Simpson are getting a divorce. And here’s the big bombshell: is reporting that the reason for the split is infidelity. They say Joe cheated on his wife……….with a 20-year-old MAN! Radar says Joe confessed to Tina that he’s gay and that’s when she filed for divorce. No comment from anybody in the Simpson family.