Jessica Simpson in shock after reports her father is gay!

So why did Eva Longoria dump Mark Sanchez? Sources say it’s because he’s a butt head. Well, that’s what I would call him. Mark is QB for the Jets, and they’re having such a horrible season that Mark is always in a crabby mood. Eva tried to be understanding at first, but this was going on week after week after week and dude! Enough is enough! And Eva just wants to have fun, so she is outta there.

Mariah Carey was all tense and anxious after Nicki Minaj ripped into her and she thought a massage might do her some good. A source says Mariah hired a masseuse to come out to her house in LA and massage her while she slept………….for EIGHT HOURS!!! And what’s even weirder, she insisted that Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie “Bruno” was playing on repeat the entire time.

Diddy was involved in a pretty serious car accident yesterday. A car turned left in front of his SUV and Diddy’s driver slammed into it. An ambulance was called out to the scene and even though everybody was complaining of pain, nobody went to the hospital. TMZ got a picture of Diddy right after the accident. He was so shaken up that he had to lie down in the grass. A police report was taken but no citations were issued.

Justin Timberlake is getting a lot of heat for something he didn’t have anything to do with. His good friend Justin Huchel is a big time real estate agent in LA. Huchel went out on the streets of LA and filmed homeless people wishing Justin and his bride Jessica Biel all the best, saying things like how they couldn’t afford to make the trip to Italy and that the gift is in the mail. Basically, this guy was making fun of homeless people and some of them are obviously mentally ill. Huchel claims that this video was stolen from him and Gawker posted it without his permission. He wants us all to know that this was all his idea and that Justin had nothing to do with it. But his lawyers are demanding that Gawker take it down and they’re threatening to sue.

Sources say the family was completely blindsided when Joe Simpson sat his wife and daughters down to tell them he’s gay. A source told that none of them had any idea. His wife Tina was left reeling from the news. His daughter Ashlee didn’t take the news so well. And Jessica reportedly is in shock. The source says she thinks she has very good gaydar and didn’t see this one coming at all. Back in August, Joe was busted o suspicion of drunk driving and rumor is, his 20-year-old boyfriend was in the car with him at the time. That’s apparently when he decided to come out to his family. Tina filed for divorce a month later, citing “discord or conflict of personalities.” Joe filed his own papers a few days later, asking that Tina be given nothing in the divorce.