George Lucas will donate $4.05 billion to charity!!! WOW!!!!

George Lucas sold Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney for $4.05 BILLION and it wasn’t because he was short on cash. George released a statement saying, “For 41 years, the majority of my time and money has been put into the company. As I start a new chapter in my life, it is gratifying that I have the opportunity to devote more time and resources to philanthropy.” His first philanthropic move? George says education is the key to the survival of the human race, which is why he’s donating that $4.05 billion he gets from Disney to an education foundation.

Lady Gaga still has a chip on her shoulder about everybody calling her fat. She’s dropped the weight she put on, but she told a reporter recently, “Adele is bigger than me. How come nobody says anything about that?” Why’s she gotta call out Adele like that! Speaking of…….It’s been a month now and we still haven’t seen that baby boy of hers. She hasn’t revealed the baby’s name yet, either. But sources say it’s not because she’s being super secretive…It’s because she hasn’t named him yet!

Sharon Osbourne won’t be coming back to “America’s Got Talent” next season, so producers are trying to find an appropriate replacement. TMZ says they’ve found out three of the women they’re considering. How do you feel about Leann Rimes, Shannen Doherty or Carly Simon? Random, right? But in addition to Sharon’s seat, there’s a chance producers may have to fill more than one spot. Neither Howie Mandel nor Howard Stern are under contract for next season yet.

Now that he’s won “American Idol” and gotten all famous, has Phillip Phillips turned his back on his family during their time of need? Sources say the family has reached out to him several times but Phillip keeps blowing them off. His dad is being forced to sell the pawn shop that’s been in their family for 24 years…the same pawn shop Phillip was working in when he auditioned for “Idol.” Dad’s hoping to get $200K for the business to pay off the family’s debt. Meantime, he’ll just keep leaving voice mails for his son……

Octomom has company in rehab. Nadya Suleman is in a 30-day program for help with her Xanax issues. And now her dad has checked into the same facility for a 28-day alcohol treatment program. Sources told TMZ that 71-year-old Ed Doud has been dealing with alcohol addiction for decades, but he’s been inspired by his Octo-daughter to get help. Meantime, Nadya’s 11-year-old son Elijah has gotten a restraining order against his former nanny. Nadya fired Gina Bryson over the summer, and she’s been bombarding Elijah with phone calls and texts ever since. In fact, Gina is accused of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media — including that story where Nadya walked in on her son watching her porn film. Thankfully, that never happened.