Chris Brown drives Rihanna and Katy Perry apart

Sam Worthington plays a DEA agent in the movie “Ten” that he’s currently filming with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and apparently if he’s drunk enough, the lines between art and life get real blurry for Sam. This past Saturday night, Sam tried to get into a bar in Atlanta, but the bouncer wouldn’t let him in because he was already drunk. Sam allegedly pushed the bouncer and yelled, “I’m a DEA agent!!” The bouncer didn’t bother to ask for his badge. He just pepper-sprayed him and called the cops. Sam was arrested for disorderly conduct, but the charges were dropped when the bouncer didn’t show up for court.

Sources say that Rihanna’s relationship with Chris Brown is putting a serious strain on her friendship with Katy Perry. Reportedly, the two of them are barely talking because Katy feels that Rihanna is making a huge mistake and doesn’t want to be a part of it. It’s gotten so tense between the two of them that Rihanna skipped Katy’s Halloween party, and you know how important Halloween is to these two.

Amanda Bynes says she’s going to sue “In Style” magazine for printing a story that she was wandering around a NYC tanning salon totally out of it and totally naked…well, except for her tanning goggles. Amanda says she’s not troubled and she doesn’t get naked in public, so she’s suing. And it looks like she’s telling the truth! The owner of the tanning salon says his employees were interviewed and they reviewed the security footage and they’ve confirmed that Amanda was not acting inappropriately, naked or otherwise.

Miley Cyrus might want to put a leash on that fiance of hers. Sources say that a couple weeks ago, Liam was at a party at a home in Beverly Hills and was introducing himself to some hot blonde with his tongue. An eyewitness told that Liam spent the majority of the night hanging out with this woman in a back tent, and it definitely wasn’t Miley.

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan will be charged with the lying to police after a car accident back in June. Remember when Lindsay’s Porsche plowed into the back of an 18-wheeler? Yeah, Lindsay told police she wasn’t driving. Her assistant was. But eyewitnesses told police Lindsay was most definitely behind the wheel and had her assistant take the blame. So now Lindsay will be charged with a misdemeanor, which means she’ll be in violation of her probation for stealing that necklace from a jewelry story. The judge could send Lindsay away for a long time. Or not. Probably not. Lindsay always gets away with it.