J-Lo gets a hotel maid fired over an autograph request!

You know that cute little Alex Dunphy from “Modern Family?” In real life, things aren’t so cute for 14-year-old Ariel Winter who plays her. Ariel wants to be legally emancipated from her parents because they don’t want her to date her 17-year-old boyfriend, Cameron Palatas – some actor on the Disney Channel show “Ant Farm.” Mom and Dad think Cameron’s too old for their baby girl, but a source says Ariel thinks she’s mature enough for love and EVERYTHING, if you know what I’m saying….She’s so angry, she reportedly consulted an attorney about her options. Her parents are devastated.

That woman who’s accusing Cee Lo Green of drugging and then assaulting her has actually been dating him for a while. TMZ is reporting that Cee Lo first met this woman at the Super Bowl in Dallas back in 2011. They hung out all weekend and then she went home to Houston and he went back to LA. But the two of them stayed in touch all this time. He’d fly her out to LA every now and she’d try to get him to buy her lots of expensive presents. On the day she claims Cee Lo assaulted her, he had flown this woman out to LA, they went out to eat, and then afterward, a source says they both took Ecstasy and stayed up all night. Nobody was unconscious. So why did she make up the story about being drugged and assaulted? Because she’s got a boyfriend back home who found out about her hooking up with Cee Lo and she’s trying to cover her butt!

The “National Enquirer” is reporting that the 36-year marriage of Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw is on the rocks. He reportedly paid almost $30 million in CASH for a 14K-square-foot home to keep Robin happy, but I guess there’s only so much decorating a woman can do. Plus, a source says that when Dr. Phil is home, he’s got and ugly Jekyll-and-Hyde personality and the two of them fight all the time.

Jessica Simpson was doing good there for a minute on her Weight Watchers program, but then her dad had to go and get himself involved in a gay scandal and she found herself buttering Pop Tarts again. A source told RadarOnline.com that Jessica’s emotions are all over the place right now and her diet has bee seriously derailed.

A maid who worked at a luxury hotel in Germany claims that Jennifer Lopez had her fired for daring to ask for her autograph. She says she had just finished cleaning some rooms on Jennifer’s floor when she worked up her courage and went to her room to ask for an autograph. She says two assistants turned her away and she never saw Jennifer. The next day, the woman claims the cleaning company she worked for told her the hotel called and said Jennifer had complained about the failed autograph attempt and she was fired immediately. Jennifer is denying this happened. She tweeted: “C’mon thought you knew me better than this.. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful.” And just in case anybody missed it the first time, she re-tweeted the same thing 11 hours later.