Bieber and Selena are back together & Lil Wayne collaborates with Paris Hilton?!

I always give Britney Spears a break because she’s crazy. So I can forgive her for that 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander. And I can sorta kinda forgive her for marrying Kevin Federline, who she stole from his pregnant girlfriend, Shar Jackson, if you remember. But here’s the thing — I can’t forgive Shar Jackson because SHE’S NOT CRAZY. So she was of sound mind when she made not one, but TWO babies with Kevin Federline. And, from what I understand, she’s still completely sane and yet she’s now dating Jason Alexander! WTH??? Apparently the two of them met at a gifting suite in LA a few years ago and have been friends ever since. They only took it to another level a few weeks ago.

Mike Epps and his friends rolled up to Tru nightclub in Hollywood last night to celebrate his birthday. What was supposed to be a good time turned ugly when some people in Mike’s group got into a fight when some other people in the club and somebody pulled out a gun and fired a warning shot. Of course, everybody ran for the door, including Mike. He was gone by the time the cops got there, but officers do want to speak with him about what happened.

All we can as is Why? WHY WHY WHY????????? Why is Weezy doing a duet with Paris Hilton?? But apparently it’s true! Lil Wayne teamed up with Paris and OF COURSE he raps about her sex tape. TMZ says they got a copy of the song and that it’s actually not that bad. Paris is hoping to put it on her upcoming album.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are together. But they’re back and forth so often that this information could change at a moment’s notice. The two of them tried to sneak off for a little dinner at Benihana in Encino last night, but word got out quick that the couple was there and paparazzi was waiting when they came out. Earlier in the day, Selena stopped by the emergency room because she was afraid she was coming down with strep throat and she’s trying to record an album. Justin wasn’t with her, but his bodyguard was…

Chris Brown took his mom as his date to the American Music Awards, but Karrueche Tran was backstage the whole time. That’s right! Rihanna is off on her “777” tour so Karrueche is right there keeping her spot warm. Chris just began his “Carpe Diem” tour, which has him performing 12 dates across Europe. That may help explain Karrueche’s “12 12 12” tweet. Could she be simultaneously taunting Rihanna’s “777” tour while also suggesting she’ll be joining Chris on his?