Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spotted in Central Park together!

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” was number one at the box office for the third straight week, earning $17.4 million over the weekend. “Skyfall” came in second with $17 million and “Lincoln” was third, earning another $13.5 million. Rounding out the top five were “Rise of the Guardians” and “Life of Pi.” The big disappointment was “Killing Them Softly.” Brad Pitt’s latest brought in only $7 million to take seventh place. That’s Brad’s worst live-action wide-release opening ever.

Ever since Angus T. Jones asked us all to stop watching his filthy TV show, “Two and a Half Men,” producers have been in talks to replace him. Sources say one name keeps getting mentioned — Miley Cyrus! Apparently the two episodes she appeared in brought the show its highest ratings last season. And sources say everyone on the set loved working with her, which is an added bonus.

Less than a week after he deleted his Twitter account, Chris Brown re-activated it last night. He’d gotten into a vulgar tweet war with a comedienne named Jenny Johnson and then shut the whole thing down in frustration. A source says Jenny has barraged Chris with negative tweets for the past couple of years and Chris simply got caught up in the moment and responded. He realizes now that he should’ve just had his lawyers send a cease and desist. Oh well! Chris has deleted all the previous tweets, by the way.

Olivier Martinez has notified the LAPD that he no longer wishes to pursue criminal charges against Gabriel Aubry, who took a huge beating in Halle Berry’s front yard on Thanksgiving Day. Last week, Halle and Gabriel reached a confidential settlement in their ongoing dispute over their daughter Nahla. Apparently, part of the agreement required Olivier and Gabriel to drop their complaints against each other.

What better way for a celebrity couple to announce to the world that they’re dating each other than to show up for a romantic walk through Central Park? Paparazzi were just snapping away as Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spent the day together, pretending to ignore the cameras following their every move. People who know such things say Taylor is just trying to make Conor Kennedy jealous by showing him that she has options — One Direction options!!!