Lohan to skip court to go on tour with The Wanted?!?

Remember I told you about how Demi Moore picked up a stray kitten before a big fancy Chanel dinner in Miami? She brought it inside, put it on her lap, and then stroked it and fed it throughout the entire meal. But then she was done and turned the kitten loose. Well! You know what happens when you feed a stray cat…..So the kitten was still hanging around the next day outside the Soho Beach House where there was a big luncheon being thrown for Diane von Furstenberg. Paris and Nicky Hilton scooped up the kitty and took her to their suite at the Fontainebleu Hotel. They decided to name her “Soho” since they found her outside the Soho Beach House. And Soho ended up flying to NY on the Jordache private jet with Nicky Hilton and Kanye West!

We’ve told you about our experience with Mariah Carey keeping us waiting, so I completely believe this story happened exactly like I heard. So there Mariah is — laced up to the point where she can’t breathe in her corseted mini-dress, wearing her thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings — being escorted by two bodyguards into Serendipity3 on NY’s Upper East Side, where she’d kept her dinner guests waiting for almost 2 hours. After dinner, Mariah’s twins and their nanny arrived. Mariah indulged Monroe and Moroccan with a gigantic ice cream sundae and snapped lots of pictures of the kids making a huge, sticky mess. Then she tipped the waiter 200 percent because you KNOW that was a mess to clean up.

LeAnn Rimes must think if we can see her cry hard enough, we’ll understand how hard it was for her to have an adulterous affair and then marry Eddie Cibrian. So she did an exclusive interview for E! where she sniffled and sobbed about her pain, but unfortunately for LeAnn, she’s not a pretty crier. But one person who was LOVING that E! interview was Eddie’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. After LeAnn’s interview, Brandi tweeted: “WOOHOO! I just got off the phone with my book editor and our numbers went up even more last night after a certain E news interview! Hahahha.”

Lindsay Lohan’s groupie tour continues. She’s planning on following Max from The Wanted to London and Dubai to watch her man perform. Unfortunately, her trip overseas will keep her from showing up for a court appearance on Wednesday. Lindsay’s facing misdemeanor charges for lying to that police officer from that car accident back in June. But it turns out, she doesn’t HAVE to be in court. Her lawyer can show up in her place. But our big question is: Lindsay’s allowed to leave the country??

Speaking of Lindsay, Charlie Sheen says he’s still waiting for his thank you note. Charlie and Lindsay bonded on the set of “Scary Movie 5.” And when he found out she was having serious financial trouble, Charlie immediately wrote out a check for $100K. But he told “Entertainment Tonight,” “I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you. Anything, you know?”