Kanye West Will Be At Joel Osteen’s Mega Church

Dancing With The Stars update…Cartel Crew has a new cast member…Disney Plus is starting a streaming rivalry… Lamar Odom is engaged… Kanye will be in Houston this weekend

The president can tweet about other important matters again because — SPOILER ALERT — Sean Spicer was finally kicked off “Dancing With the Stars.” So now we’re down to the final five — Hannah Brown, James Van Der Beek, Kel Mitchell, Lauren Alaina, and Ally Brooke — who actually had 2 perfect scores last night, so it looks like she’s the one to beat.

The rumors were true — El Chapo’s wife Emma Coronel Aispuro has joined season two of VH1’s “Cartel Crew.” Emma is a 30-year-old former teenage beauty queen. In fact, that’s how she met Joaquin Guzman — who we know as El Chapo. She entered the 2007 Coffee and Guava Festival beauty pageant and each contestant was required to host a party in honor of her candidacy. It was at her party that Emma met Joaquin, who had traveled there to meet her and — according to Wikipedia — they agreed to marry that day. Doing the math, she was 18 and he was 50. They went on to have twin girls together in 2011, and she’s plans on staying married to El Chapo as he serves life in prison. On “Cartel Crew” we’ll get to know more about Emma’s life since her husband was arrested and we’ll find out about her upcoming business venture.

Amazon and Netflix got some big competition today. Disney+ has launched, offering the classic movies we all know and love plus some exciting original content. For $6.99 a month, Disney+ will feature original “Star Wars,” Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic and Disney productions. Among the shows available as of today are “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” which follows a group of students as they prepare for the opening night of their schools first-ever production of……”High School Musical”!! And I love what Kristen Bell is doing! She’s the executive producer of “Encore,” which brings together the former cast mates of high school musicals and they recreate their performances from way back in the day. And if you were worried about what would happen to John Stamos after “Fuller House” ends, worry no more. We don’t have a start date, but John will star in “Big Shot,” about a temperamental college basketball coach who gets fired and then lands a job teaching and coaching at an elite, all-girls, private high school. And we have to wait a couple years, but Avengers fans should be excited about what’s coming in 2021. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany star as Wanda Maximoff and Vision in “WandaVision” and Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki in “Loki.” And Star Wars fans are getting Ewan McGregor back as Obi-Wan Kenobi in an untitled project. No idea when that’s coming.

After four months of dating, Lamar Odom put a ring on it. He and Sabrina Parr are engaged. His 17-year-old son was very upset to find out about this like we did — on social media. Lamar Jr. commented on his dad’s IG post, “Not a text or a phone call to see how people who’ve know this dude his whole life to see how we would feel or react. Knew shawty for 4 months and already got you twisted. Family n friends already don’t approve of homegirl but already she got your a** inna sunken place. Shame family gotta find out on social media but that’s been how life been all the time as the son of an Odom.” He later deleted that comment and posted on his own IG this morning, “Last night I was emotional seeing my father got engaged through social media. I was hurt and caught off guard. At the end of the day, I am a teenager, that is becoming a young man. I have to be responsible for what I post, I have nothing but love for my dad and want what’s best for him.”

Kanye West will bring his message but not his choir to Joel Osteen’s mega church in Houston this Sunday. Kanye will join Joel at the pulpit of the Lakewood Church during the 11am service for a conversation that is expected to last between 20-30 minutes. But with Kanye, you never know! TMZ is reporting that Kanye will not perform with his choir at the service, but they do have other services at Lakewood throughout the day, so they could perform later.


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