The American Idol Judge Panel is Falling Apart!

On her world tour, when Katy Perry popped up out of the floor to perform her first song, she was wearing a dress featuring spinning peppermint candies, with two of them prominently displayed upon her bosom. As fun as that dress was, you’ll no longer be seeing Katy perform in it. Right in the middle of her performance, her hair got caught in one of the wheels and started to coil around it, pulling her head down towards her chest in the process. Katy said she had no choice but to go with it and sure, it’s a funny story to tell at cocktail parties later. But the people who insure Katy’s tour didn’t think it was so funny and they said the spinning peppermint dress has to go bye-bye.

This seems awfully petty to me, but sources say it’s absolutely true. Kelly Osbourne got Kris Humphries kicked out of that Hollywood club called Beacher’s Madhouse. Who knew, but Kelly is the creative director for the club, and apparently that gives her some sort of power. When Kris walked into the club, Kelly was furious that he dared show his face in the place where Kim likes to hang out from time-to-time, so she had security kick him out.

Charlie Sheen says this Twitter thing isn’t really doing it for him anymore, so he’s going to shut down @CharlieSheen any minute now. I don’t know who his 7.7 million followers will look to now for inspiration………

TMZ is reporting that Katie Holmes will get nothing from Tom Cruise because she walked away from the marriage. According to the prenup, Katie would’ve gotten $3 million a year as Mrs. Cruise, which would cap at $33 million. But because she’s the one who filed for divorce, she gets nothing. However, Katie will be getting a big child support check to take care of Suri for the next 12 years. We don’t know the exact amount, but sources say it will be over $10 million when all is said and done.

While everybody was wondering whether of not Jennifer Lopez would come back to judge a third season of “American Idol,” Steven Tyler pulled a fast one and announced that he’s out. After two years, Steven says he’s thoroughly enjoyed his “mistress,” but it’s time to get back to his “wife” — Aerosmith. And with Steven out, everybody is saying that Jennifer will soon follow. So that leaves Randy Jackson….or does it? Word is, Randy will move over into a mentoring position and that Mariah Carey is in negotiations to sit in JLo’s old seat. Other names being tossed around as judges include Adam Lambert and Fergie. One thing we do know for sure is that Ryan Seacrest is back as host.