The Royal Baby Name Revealed!

Billy Bush returns… Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner reconnected… Shawn Mendes broke the internet… Chris Evans’ high school reunion… and The Royal Baby name revealed!

After almost 3 years of unemployment, his savings were probably running a little low! But Billy Bush has finally landed a job. Billy left “Extra” to take a job with the “Today” show, and about two minutes later, video surfaced of him and then-presidential candidate Donald Trump caught on mic being all lecherous. “Today” couldn’t fire him fast enough. But Billy finally got a new gig, hosting “Extra Extra” — an updated version of “Extra.” Mario Lopez will continue to host “Extra” through the end of the season, but he’s expected to move over to “Access Hollywood” to replace Natalie Morales.

They dated a bit about 6 years ago, but Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner reconnected at the Met Gala Monday night. After partying for 4 hours together inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they went to an after-party at the Moxy in Times Square, where they left at 6AM!!! Harry changed out of his see-through blouse into another blouse — a white puffy-sleeved blouse with an exaggerated red bow tie over extremely high-waisted pants. Kendall wore a sleek grey mini-skirt suit. They looked tired, but FABULOUS. While they left within a couple minutes of each other and got into depart cars, we don’t know if they instructed their drivers to take them to the same hotel or not. THAT is left to our imaginations.

Shawn Mendes did what he could to break the internet yesterday. He posted shots from his Calvin Klein #MyTruth underwear campaign, showing off his hard-earned abs. You go, Shawn! A few celebrities had something to say about it in the comments. Demi Lovato posted three fire emojis while Eiza Gonzalez gave him a hand clap. Ryan Tedder chastised, “That’s the last time I loan u my Calvin’s,” and John Mayer wrote, “I would have loved to comment on this, but my Fruit of the Loom contract prevents me from doing so. #fotlpartner.” Knowing what Chance the Rapper did for Wendy’s, Fruit of the Loom jumped right on that, replying, “@johnmayer + Fruit of the Loom – A partnership in service of helping bodies feel like wonderlands.” They need to hire Wendy’s social media person…

They were hopeful, but nobody really expected him to show up for their 20th high school reunion….especially when he’s got a billion dollar movie in theaters right now…But Chris Evans DID show up at Conrad’s Restaurant in Sudbury, Massachusetts, Saturday night for the Class of ’99 Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Reunion! He just so happened to be about 25 miles down the road in Boston where he’s been shooting the Apple TV+ limited series “Defending Jacob” and was able to work it out. Chris posed with a lot of his old classmates, wearing a name tag that said simply, “Chris” and not “Captain America.”

He is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and THAT’S IT. The baby is entitled to be called the Earl of Dumbarton, but his parents — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — decided not to saddle Archie with the pressures that come with a title. And before everybody jumps on Meghan for messing with royal traditions again, when he and Meghan had JUST started dating, Prince Harry told a reporter, “I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one, too.” On top of that, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, also opted not to give her two children royal titles, so this isn’t an original idea. But despite Harry and Meghan’s decision, when Harry passes away, his first-born son will automatically become the Duke of Sussex.

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