The Spice Girls are back for only ONE Performance!

After the horrific shootings at the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Warner Bros. said they wouldn’t be releasing box office totals throughout the weekend — they’d just wait and release the totals today. Before the shootings, “The Dark Knight Rises” was expected to top the $207.4 million record set by “The Avengers.” And now, it looks like the movie earned more around $160 million. That would still make it the second highest weekend opening ever. Meantime, Warner Bros. is considering moving back the release date of its movie “Gangster Squad,” which was set for September 7. The movie includes a scene where 1940s mobsters open fire on a movie theater audience through the back of the movie screen. They may even recut the movie and leave that part out.

The Spice Girls are reuniting to perform at the Olympics — but only this once!! Apparently Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham would only agree to the reunion if the girls promised they would never get together to perform as the Spice Girls again. There’s still be no official announcement, but the word is the girls will sing two songs during the closing ceremony.

Demi Lovato didn’t want to take a chance that evil forces would screw up her big moment, so before hosting the Teen Choice Awards last night, Demi “saged” herself. And just to make sure those evil spirits didn’t go around the back way and try to get to Demi through her friends and family, Demi sprinkled a little sage out over them, too.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher can drop the ruse. We know they’re a couple. They’ve been seen together A LOT lately, having dinner together and doing some grocery shopping. But Mila flat-out said that rumors she and Ashton were anything more than friends were “absurd.” Oh yeah? What about that picture of Mila sitting on Ashton’s lap planting a big kiss on his fuzzy face?? The two were celebrating the wrap of Ashton’s new movie “Jobs” when they were caught getting all kissy-face.

Katherine Jackson’s nephew filed a missing person’s report with the police on Saturday night, and her granddaughter, Paris, went on Twitter begging anyone to call the police if they saw her. Now Jermaine Jackson has tweeted that his mother is just fine, saying she’s under doctor’s orders to get some rest, which she is doing in Arizona. But Paris is furious, tweeting that the doctor watching her grandmother is the same guy who testified on behalf of Dr. Conrad Murray and said her father, Michael Jackson, was a drug addict. Sources have told TMZ that Jermaine and his brother Randy are hoping to have Katherine declared incompetent so they can become her conservators. That would give them access to their mom’s cash. A lot of it. Jermaine and Randy also joined Tito, Janet and Rebbie in signing a letter, demanding that the executors of Michael’s estate step down, claiming they are doing such a bad job that Katherine Jackson had a stroke. Paris says that is not true.