This makes me a Party Gambler!
This makes me a Party Gambler!

I am NOT a big gambler…If you take me to Vegas, You will probably find me sitting at the bar more often than sitting at the blackjack table. But throwing a party in a city where I don’t know anybody, for some reason, is a gamble that I will take on.

I guess I get the party gene from my late grandmother Anthoinette Hardeman. When I was growing up, I remember all of their parties and get togethers that she would have at her house. There would be neighbors, friends, relatives, church members, and whoever else she could think of, together, breaking bread, laughing, chatting and having a great time.

Actually, I have been having parties since high school when I was a little baby DJ. My best friend Kirk and I would rent out different places like the YMCA or this little place called Fisherman’s Inn. We would hand draw flyers and make copies and pass them out to our friends and strangers and usually, we would have a decent turnout.
Years later, I started having parties in my back yard. I would have big crowds of people at my house. We played cards, dominoes, volleyball, listen to music, and have a great time. But this one is a little different…

big-al-blog-pic-102416This time, I’m doing it in a small town called Waxahachie, Texas. WHY? Well, Why Not? Ok, the truth is that I am considering this town to be the home of my next restaurant venture. Yes, It’s a small town but it’s growing. So, this is kind of a dry run to see what the town is like. And at the same time, it might help a few doggies get adopted because the Ellis County SPCA will be there with a few doggies looking for a new home. But there is lots of work and preparation to be done. Having a party at the YMCA or at someone’s house or business is one thing. This party is on a piece of raw land. In other words, I have to BRING THE PARTY!

I need ELECTRICITY, Water, Porto potties, Food, Drinks, DJ, Bands, Stage, Lights, Tables, Chairs, Tents, Corn Hole, Jenga, Bounce Houses, a Mechanical Bull and of course, PEOPLE! But at least I have 5 days to put it all together.
So, I guess this makes me a Party Gambler!