Twelve year old celebrity ‘Swatter’ charged with multiple felonies

A pre-teen is charged with a serious celebrity prank…a film critic is getting the thumbs down after making wise cracks about Melissa McCarthy’s weight…and is Lindsay Lohan moving a back home with mommy?

TMZ says at least one SWATTER has been tracked down in LA. Back in October, a 12-year-old boy is being charged with calling 911 and reporting that there were people inside Ashton Kutcher’s home with guns and explosives and that people had been shot. When police and SWAT teams arrived, they quickly found out the whole thing was a prank. But they were able to track down the call to this one 12-year-old boy, who they believe pulled a similar prank on a bank in LA later that same month. He’s now charged with two felony counts of making false bomb threats and two felony counts of computer intrusion.  He’ll be arraigned in juvenile court today.

Scott Disick is hoping to buy a nightclub in Miami before Valentine’s Day, and sources say Kourtney Kardashian is furious. It’s not like he has a good track record. Scott’s Ryu restaurant in the Meatpacking District shut its doors a hot second after it opened last year. According to the NY Daily News, Kourtney can’t believe Scott wants to invest in a nightclub so soon after losing his butt in a restaurant. Plus, she doesn’t plan on living full-time in Miami and doesn’t like the idea of Scott being down there all by himself, getting into who knows what. So good luck with all that, Scott!

Rex Reed is a film critic for the NY Observer and he is getting slammed for his recent review of “Identity Thief.” It’s not the scathing review that’s getting him so much grief, it’s the way he described Melissa McCarthy as “tractor-sized” and called her a “female hippo.” He wrote, in part:   “Melissa McCarthy a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.” He doesn’t have one nice thing to say about Melissa’s performance, calling her character a “screeching, humongous creep” and saying how sorry he feels for Jason Bateman — a “charming, talented, attractive and versatile” actor stuck in this dreck.

It was a year ago — just a few hours before Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party — that Whitney Houston passed away in her hotel room’s bathtub. The party went on despite the tragedy going on a few floors above their heads. Clive told the crowd that it’s what Whitney would have wanted. This year, Clive has invited Whitney’s family to be at the party. Her brother, Gary, and sister-in-law/manager Pat, say they will be there to support Clive. Her mom, Cissy, considers the whole thing obscene. She told Access Hollywood, “I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died of.”

It’s being reported that Lindsay Lohan is so broke that she couldn’t afford the $8000/month rent she was paying in Beverly Hills and moved back home with her mommy in Long Island. Sources say Lindsay’s living in her old bedroom, which hasn’t changed since her teenage years. But E! is reporting that it’s not true. A source told them that Lindsay is living in an $8000/month apartment in SoHo with some friend who splits the rent with her. The source says Lindsay does spend the night at her mom’s house a couple of times a month, when she goes to visit Dina and her little brother.