Vote for your favorite new character
Vote for your favorite new character

The cast came up with new characters for the show, and we wanted to know which one was your favorite! You voted and the winner is……BIG AL!! Check out each one and and tell us what you think.

Congratualtions Big Al!

1st Place: “White Black Guy” – (Big Al) – The black guy that doesn’t sound black, so he overcompensates by saying black stuff.

2nd Place: “Booster Box” – (Shanon) The voice of the box Kidd stood on while doing the show.

3rd Place:”Patsy” – (Kellie) – The nerdy person in the office who always tries to tag along when the group is going somewhere.

4th Place: “J-Si’s Abs” – (Jenna) the voice of J-Si’s ab muscles

5th Place: “Chester” – (J-Si) The 5 year old boy that likes asking one question…’Why?’

Was there a scandal with Big Al’s character? Watch here!