Wanna lose weight? Be like Ke$ha and drink your pee

Tiger Woods has a new lady in his life and it looks serious…Ke$ha drinks her pee…yeah…and Chris Brown may be in court again after he and Drake are suing eachother over their NYC nightclub brawl.

Things are getting really serious between Tiger Woods and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn. They met last April and started dating in November. They’ve already met each other’s families, and Lindsey’s brother even gave skiing lessons to Tiger’s two kids! Lindsey’s divorce from skier Thomas Vonn was finalized in January after their breakup over a year before. Of course, Tiger was divorced in 2010 after his wife Elin Woods found out he’d cheated with a billion zillion women. Good luck, Lindsey!

So maybe Miley Cyrus isn’t married after all…She was at the Marchesa fashion show and “People” magazine asked her if she’d picked a wedding dress designer. She said that Marchesa was definitely one of her options. Why? Because they’re “amazing.” Duh. But, Miley hasn’t settled on a designer yet. She says she has so many options from different people who want to be involved in it. She said, “I’ll probably have 30!”

This is gross. But I have to tell it. Ke$ha’s friend told her that drinking your own pee is good for your metabolism. So not only did Ke$ha try it, she had her brother film the whole thing for her upcoming MTV documentary, “Ke$ha:  My Crazy Beautiful Life.” How did that work out for her? She says it was really gross so she won’t be trying that again.

Chris Brown got into a yelling match with a heckler outside the Playhouse nightclub in LA Wednesday night. Chris was trying to leave in his Lamborghini when a man ran up to his car and started yelling, “I ain’t never seen a (N word) jump in a car that fast, (N word)!” And the man yelling all that was black! And the man kept yelling at Chris, calling him all sorts of names and asking him if his car is bulletproof. That’s when Chris yelled back and asked if the heckler is bulletproof. Whoa!! And the heckler answered, “I’m a CRIP, (N word)! Hell yeah, I’m bulletproof!” This wasn’t going well. Believe it or not, Chris actually kept his cool and drove off without getting physical.

And yes, another Chris Brown story in the Showbiz Top 5. TMZ is reporting that Chris and Drake are suing each other for that fight at the W.i.P. nightclub in NYC last June. First of all, this French male model filed a suit against Chris, Drake, and the club for injuries he suffered when he was hit by a bottle. So in Chris and Drake’s legal papers, each one points the finger at the other. So if that male model wins his lawsuit, each one is saying the other one is responsible and should pay up. Get it?

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