Was a family secret behind Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt?

Man of Steel has a big weekend at the box office…Charlie Sheen fires his co-star…And did a family secret drive Paris Jackson to her recent suicide attempt? Kellie Rasberrry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

The Daytime Emmy Awards used to be a big deal, didn’t they? But if you wanted to watch the 40th annual ceremony yesterday, you had to remember to flip over to HLN. Of the few soap operas left, “Days of Our Lives” won for Outstanding Daytime Drama. They haven’t won that since 1975. And of the few game shows left, “The Price Is Right” won that category. But it was the “Cash Cab” host, Ben Bailey, who won for Outstanding Game Show Host. Outstanding Talk Show/Informative went to “The Dr. Oz Show,” while “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” won for Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment. But it was Ricki Lake, whose talk show was canceled after one season, who won for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

“Man of Steel” was number one at the box office this weekend — duh. But with a Thursday-Sunday take of $125.1 million, “Man of Steel” broke the record for the biggest June opening weekend ever, but it was only the second best debut of the year. “Iron Man 3” took in $174.1 million its first weekend out in May. Coming in second this weekend, “This is the End” ($20.5 million), followed by “Now You See Me” ($10.3 million), “Fast & Furious 6” ($9.4 million) and “The Purge” ($8.2 million).

Charlie Sheen says he has fired his “Anger Management” co-star Selma Blair. Selma went to the show’s executives in confidence, complaining that Charlie is a nightmare to work with. He shows up late all the time and he has no work ethic. But Charlie found out about it and hit the roof. He told the bosses that if she shows up on the set today, he refuses to shoot. Not only that, sources say Charlie wants to offer Mila Kunis a 10-episode stint on the show, paying her a million dollars per episode.

Bobby Cohen was in Atlantic City over the weekend, celebrating Father’s Day with his son, Brett. Lo and behold, they bumped into Amanda Bynes, with her wacky wig and big sunglasses. Brett told RadarOnline.com that she reeked of alcohol and was wandering aimlessly around the casino lobby, carrying shopping bags and a pet carrier that didn’t appear to carry a pet. Brett says Amanda got on the elevator and then got off again, and that’s when his dad, Bobby, decided to sneak a picture. But Amanda saw him, and — according to Brett — lunged at Bobby, demanding that he hand her his cell phone. Brett says she kept repeating herself to the point of screaming and then chased him around the lobby. Finally, security stopped her and the father and son get away. But it turns out, Dad didn’t even get a picture of Amanda! He ended up taking a picture of the floor.

 “The London Sun” is reporting that just a few weeks ago, Paris Jackson found out that she and her big brother Prince have different biological fathers, which may have been the reason behind her suicide attempt. Debbie Rowe is definitely Prince and Paris’ mom, but sources say Paris knew Michael Jackson couldn’t be their natural father. However, she was convinced that whoever the sperm donor was, she and Prince were full siblings. Sources say Paris was told the truth because she needed to be prepared in case this news came out during the multi-billion dollar court fight between the Jackson family and the concert firm, AEG.

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