In a last minute decision, I went to Austin to visit momma Candy this weekend. I was feeling kinda run down and figured I could go to my favorite city and spend much needed quality time with my mom. I was trying to get there in time to see some PBS show taping a la Austin City Limits with one of her favorite groups and being on a time crunch isn’t fun when you have a 3-4 hour drive. I knew the drive wasn’t going to be easy when I hit a 2nd wreck an hour in. My drive turned into about 5 hours and my dog wasn’t exactly enjoying this car ride. He whined the entire 5 hours thinking it was the longest trip to the dog park ever. Despite the beatdown it was to get there, the weekend was pretty ideal. Got to watch a cool show on Friday, slept in a little on Saturday (which is about 8 am for me), did some vintage shopping, saw Avenger’s and ate alot.

Probably ate a little too much actually. You know there are certain things you always do when you go “home” and though I didn’t grow up in Austin, it is the closest thing to home for me. I have to eat BBQ, I have to go to my favorite vintage stores, I have to eat Mexican food, and I have to get a shaved ice. I did all but eat BBQ on this trip. Candy was in a great mood and somehow has way more energy than me even though she’s twice my age. I wanted to lay at the pool and she went on a 4 mile walk. I wanted to go to sleep at 11 on Saturday and she stayed up watching TV. Serious role reversal is still going on.

I finally went to see The Avenger’s and we went in 3D, which was pretty funny to see my mom-who hasn’t seen a movie in years-wearing 3D glasses telling me it made her dizzy. The movie wasn’t quite as good as everyone made it out to be. Not sure how it has 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but it was entertaining. 2.5 hours of superheroes is a little much for my brain to accept. Personally, I liked Iron Man more and Robert Downey Jr. is what makes these movies anyways.

I tried to get back early enough yesterday to be productive and clean. Obviously that is always the plan and never accomplished. I made it home early enough to sit on the couch with Holly, who hadn’t moved all day, and we watched lots of shows. Criminal Minds, little bit of golf, Dateline and 60 minutes. She kept trying to watch 2 year old Kardashian episodes, but that wasn’t going to happen. I told her I can only do one reality show at a time and right now, it’s the Bachelorette.