No piano lesson. Of course I cancelled my first one. Feeling a little under the weather and not focused enough for learning something new. Weak, I know. This weekend should give me some good time to practice though. I have an inclination that mastering an instrument even slightly at this age is going to be a challenge and take some serious commitment. But, since I said I’d do it I have to stick it out for a bit.

Makes me wonder why on earth I learned the flute and clarinet? It’s like why I didn’t learn golf earlier and why I took French over the much more practical Spanish? The things you’d change if you could know what you know now right? I’d probably have been way more artsy in school. Soccer was one of the highlights of my childhood and it’s definitely tied into my identity so it’s not a regret, but it makes me wonder how things might be different had I done theater instead of thinking they were all nerdy. I’m flattered now if someone calls me a nerd. That is a huge compliment. Isn’t it funny that playing piano, taking golf lessons, or anything that’s not part of the big sports 5 are considered kinda ehhh. I think it’s changing a little bit these days but what did me playing basketball for a few years do for me? More importantly, what did diving do for me? I remember being so fascinated by the Olympic diving competition, so my freshman year of high school I joined the diving team. That lasted 2 practices. I hated getting in the water, which is really a crucial element to the whole dive. I hated smacking the water, which is also part of the practice.

Something I did enjoy was the 12 years of dance I took. Ballet was always my favorite but I really wasn’t that graceful. Tap seemed outdated even at the time and hip hop was definitely my favorite. I would always solo showcase my dance routines at my school talent show. I’m talking MC Hammer pants, tons of makeup and solo routines. How did I have friends? I was often the only one in these talent shows. Talk about next level dorkfest. At least I’ve always been on my own path and not the follower. That has always proved to be the best way to live. I hope if I can bear children one day, they are super dorky and in their own world.