What’s going on between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber?

Halle Berry’s fianceé lets the cat out of the bag…Are sparks flying between Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber? Kelly Rasberry has the scoop on that and more in today’s Showbiz Top 5!

 Nigel Lythgoe is out as the longtime executive producer of “American Idol.” His feelings and his ego are really hurt, but he says he understands. Nigel says “Idol” made a HUGE mistake while under his watch — they tried to make the program younger. WHAT??? Burt Bacharach Night is Nigel’s idea of going younger?! Anyway, Nigel says “Idol”  is a family show, and “if you just go for the daughter, you lose the mom. And if you lose Mom, then you lose Dad. If you don’t go for a family entertainment show, you’re going to lose out. And I think that’s what happened.” Um, no. Burt Bacharach Night happened!!

 I don’t know if Halle Berry was  hoping to keep this a surprise or not, but her fianceé let the cat out of the bag! Olivier Martinez told “People” in Paris, “My son will be an American, but I remain French.” Olivier has been living in LA with Halle for the past two years. He says even thought he is able to adapt to American culture and he feels good here, he’s still a foreigner.

AEG is being sued by Katherine Jackson and her grandchildren for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson. During testimony yesterday, the head of AEG told the jury about meeting with Michael sometime around Halloween, 2008. Randy Phillips testified that Michael broke down in tears, saying he and his children were living like vagabonds with no place to call home. He said Michael told him he needed the “This Is It” tour so he could afford to buy a house. And the house he says Michael wanted? A 40K-square-foot estate on the market for $93 million. Ultimately, Michael ended up renting a home, which is where he passed away.

  If you’re super excited about the new Superman movie, then don’t read the reviews before you go. You need to keep that optimism going in! But a lot of critics are less-than-thrilled with “Man of Steel,” saying it’s the season’s biggest disappointment. They’re saying the story is weak and the action sequences are just chaos and loud noise. And how about that relationship between Superman and Lois Lane? Critics say there’s very little chemistry between Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Bummer.


 Miley Cyrus spent the day doing interviews promoting her new single “We Can’t Stop” and the spent the night celebrating at Beacher’s Madhouse in LA. And who showed up to party with Miley? Justin Bieber, his full security team and Lil Leach — I mean, Lil Twist. Sources say Miley and Justin were dancing together and flirting like crazy, but when she was doing interviews yesterday, she told one radio show that rumors of her and Justin are not true because she’s engaged. 

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