Living with a roommate can really be tons of fun. Kinda like having a sister than you actually get along with most all of the time. Holly and I haven’t gotten to spend enough facetime together lately because of her work and trips and mine as well. Last night was a different story. I started calling her at 5, bugging her to come home from work and hang out with me-normal right? By 630 we were on our way to dinner with Maximus the Pug in tow. With weather this beautiful, eating outside on a patio is a great way to beat the Sunday-Tuesday blues. Normally Holly won’t spend any money eating out unless someone else is buying, but there was no canned soup and hummus in sight for Holly tonight. That’s because Summer Bod left a note on the fridge that said, “Are you sure you wanna do that?” Really makes one think twice before opening up that fridge and making a Tombstone or something of the like. We had a delightful meat-free salad and 3 cups of green tea and left dinner feeling as light as if we hadn’t eaten anything at all:)

Once we got home, Holly met me in my closet where a fashion show like no others was about to take place. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill show where I reveal new clothes or anything, especially since I haven’t bought anything new in months and I’m still poor somehow. This fashion show was one we will call, “When exactly did I ever think I’d wear THIS?” The winner yesterday was hand down the diaper jumper. Long-sleeve, long skinny pants with loose fabric around the hips. VERY flattering. Honestly, there is something about this one and though Holly told me to cut it into shorts, I am feeling there may be an opportunity to wear it at some point. Probably at that moment where I don’t care if I am ever sexually appealing to anyone ever again and have given up.

That brings me to the negative thought of the day. Some people man….Yesterday on my fan page, Nick posted a video I make at work yesterday making a very healthy and very bland frozen oatmeal breakfast snack. At the end of the video, I said, “It doesn’t matter how good something tastes, it’s about how skinny it makes you”. Clearly a joke, with some truth, but mostly a joke considering I eat pancakes twice a week at least. Anyhow this guy with 2 first names, “Adam Christopher” writes in the comments section, Nice Jenna, better eat that so you don’t get fat and fired. The addition of the hair extensions and fake boob show Dallas has really rubbed off on you. Gross. I normally don’t respond to this kind of negativity. However, the comment made me laugh so I figured I was strong enough to take it. I wrote back on my own wall the following: Jeez guy with 2 first names. Hate yourself much? Some people actually like to eat healthy. SHOCKER-I know. AS for my hair, it’s real I must just need a cut and as for the boobs, I worked very hard for them and happen to enjoy them-not that you would ever see them in your lifetime. Then he deleted his comment before anyone could even enjoy the greatness of mine. And of course mine had no context, so I had to take it down as well. Bummer.