Who are you gonna believe…E! or Jay-Z?

Jay-Z addresses Beyonce pregnancy rumors…What do you get when you combine American Idol and Dancing with the Stars?…Looks like the end of the road for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson!

Every song competition show has been done, right? There can’t possibly be another talent competition with a new and interesting twist! Ah, but ABC says yes, there is! They’re calling it “Sing Your Face Off,” and the twist is, five celebrity contestants take on the identities of iconic music performers each week. Judges include 80s pop star Debbie Gibson and former SNL cast member Darrell Hammond. (Huh?) And hosting is this actor named John Barrowman. Don’t know him, but his credits include “Torchwood” and “Arrow.” I still don’t know him, but at least he’s cute. The five celebrities who’ve signed up for this thing are Jon Lovitz, Landry Fields of the Toronto Raptors, and former soap star and recent “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant, Lisa Rinna. But how fair is it that they have to compete against Sebastain Bach of Skid Row and Disney Channel star, China Anne McClain? No air date yet, but look for it sometime this summer.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have taken a big step in their relationship! They’ve been dating since April of 2012, but now — over a year later — Ashton has finally met the parents! Mila and Ashton took her parents to see “Billy Elliott:  The Musical” in London on Saturday. The next night, they all had dinner at the Duck & Waffle — how perfect is that? Ashton has been living in London with Mila while she shoots her new movie, “Jupiter Ascending.”

Chris Brown is off Rihanna and back on Karrueche Tran. After the Billboard Awards Sunday night, Chris and Karrueche headed over to the Bank nightclub inside the Bellagio. Chris was dancing on the banquette, bending down to kiss Karrueche and singing to her. And he kept running his hands through her hair. Chris probably couldn’t do that a lot with Rihanna…I’m guessing his fingers would keep getting knotted up in her extensions.

Who you gonna believe:  E!’s sources or Jay-Z?? Even though E! says their sources confirm that without a doubt, Beyonce is pregnant. And then Beyonce blasted people for gossiping about the status of her womb, although she removed it from her Instagram a short time later. But Jay-Z decided it was time to address this head-on, denying that his wife is expecting their second child in an email to Hot 97, the top hip-hop station in NYC.

Sources say Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were fighting for weeks before their big breakup on his birthday. Reportedly, Robert kept throwing Kristen’s affair with director Rupert Sanders in her face. He just can’t get past it. Yesterday photographers caught Robert at Kristen’s house, throwing all of his stuff into trash bags and hauling them off in his red pickup truck. And riding shotgun with Rob were his two dogs. This is a HUGE deal because when they broke the first time, Rob left his two dogs behind. Perhaps he wanted to leave the door open to reconciliation. But when a man takes his dogs? You know he is DONE.

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