Will Snoop Dogg be the next Idol judge?

Floyd Mayweather quietly walked out of a Las Vegas jail early this morning, just after midnight. Well….not QUITE so quietly. He was met by 20 family and friends — including 50 Cent. But Floyd himself was silent as he got into a blue Bentley and drove himself home. Floyd was sentenced to three months for man-handling his ex-girlfriend, but got out after serving only two.

Snoop Dogg — or Lion Dogg or Snoop Lion or whatever he’s calling himself now — might be interested in being a judge on “American Idol.” When he found out Mariah Carey is getting $18 million for a one-year contract, he turned to his manager and said, “Get on it.” The next season of “Idol” isn’t until January, but filming with the judges starts this fall.

Nicki Minaj is on tour, but she managed to squeeze in a top-secret, 12-hour recording session during her pass through Dallas on Monday. For some reason, Nicki was so paranoid about keeping this hush-hush that her security team went to the studio three hours before she arrived to have their staff checked out. Nicki rolled up in one of two black Escalades, followed by two bodyguards, her own engineer and a personal assistant. And once she was in that studio, she didn’t come back out. Meantime, a Dallas nightclub called Zouk is furious because they claim they paid Nicki over $30K to show up for an after-party after her concert that night, but Nicki tweeted, “No after party tonight.” And then she sent a shout out to the promoters who sold tickets under false pretenses. Hmmm…..

Kristen Stewart better not show up for the NY premiere of Robert Pattinson’s new movie because security has been told to keep her away from that red carpet. But does anybody seriously think she’d pull a stunt like that? Believe it or not, people in Robert’s camp believe Kristen might use this as an excuse to speak to Robert in person because he’s refusing to see her. And the fact is, Kristen’s already been publicly humiliated so she may figure, What have I got to lose?? The “Cosmopolis” premiere is August 13, and it will be Robert’s first public appearance since Kristen’s affair with Rupert Sanders went public.

Tameka Foster says Usher is faking being all distraught over her son’s death just to win sympathy in their custody battle. Tameka and Usher have been in a nasty battle over their two sons, but the fighting was put on hold when Tameka’s 11-year-old son Kile was struck in the head by a jet ski. Despite the fact that Usher chartered a plane to get Tameka to her son’s hospital bedside, she says Usher only visited her son once during his 15 days on life support. She says that when she asked him to tweet his followers to ask them to pray for Kile, he didn’t. And then he didn’t even show up for the funeral. So Tameka and Usher are due back in court on August 13 to continue their custody battle. Usher has asked the judge to delay the hearing in light of this recent tragedy, but Tameka wants the date to stand. She says he only reason Usher wants to delay this thing is because he knows the court will feel sorry for a grieving mother, which would give Tameka an advantage. But she says going to court will actually help her move on from her grief.