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Celebrity Guests

  • Andy Grammer Performs [AUDIO]

    Andy Grammer Performs [AUDIO]

    Psycho Shanon requested that Andy Grammer sing a song that she wrote for the show. The lyrics to 'Merry Christmas From The Family' were changed to fit the cast. Don't want to miss ...MORE

  • Big Al’s Birthday Bash [AUDIO]

    Big Al’s Birthday Bash [AUDIO]

    We celebrate Big Al Mack's birthday! Andy Grammer joined us in studio and we had a whole lot of other Christmas fun! Don't miss any of it, listen below! listen to ‘Happy ...MORE

  • James Franco Joins Us [AUDIO]

    James Franco Joins Us [AUDIO]

    James Franco called in the show this morning! He tells us about his new movie "The Color of Time." Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain and Zach Braff join him in this dramatic work of C.K...MORE

  • Jason Derulo Joins the Show [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jason Derulo Joins the Show [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jason Derulo joins the show! The cast sat down with him backstage before his show and he got caught under the mistletoe with Kellie. Listen and check out a few pictures below! A...MORE

  • Meghan Trainor Backstage Interview [VIDEO/PIC]

    Meghan Trainor Backstage Interview [VIDEO/PIC]

    J-Si and Jenna interviewed Meghan Trainor backstage before her show. She shared some of her vocal warmup tips and her New Year's resolution. Listen to find out what they were below...MORE