It all started when Tyra Banks asked for my phone number. I had skipped my Women’s Studies class in college to make it to a 2 p.m. phone interview with Tyra at the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show studio! I was an intern here and I was a hot mess express in that interview, asking questions from all over the place, but I couldn’t help it. The next day the producers told me my interview with her went so well she wanted my contact information, asked for my phone number and started following me on Twitter!

I got promoted from Intern Justin to Part-Time Justin and now I’m full time on the show but I still go by the name “Part-Time Justin” because part-timers are always hustling out there and that’s wut i be doin “.”

I grew up in a bi-racial home. I’m Latino and white and I have a sister who is 3 years younger and she is my best friend! I am gay, in my 20’s and have an adorable golden retriever named Beau! Bar food is my weakness and gourmet cocktails are the way to heart. I love DIYs and putting together furniture from IKEA. You can find me doing TikTok dances under the disco ball or at home chillin’ watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 

I have a podcast called “Shut Up!” that I co-host with my buddy Nick Adams. We are so opposite you will get both sides of every juicy gossip!

If you see me around or ever want to talk just send a shot of tequila my way! Aye!!!! 🙂