Big Al is newly married to Aimee! Or as long-time listeners to the show might remember her as… “Bartendica!”

Even though he is rumored to have spent a few years in Compton and is a self-proclaimed “O.G.”, he is actually a country music fan. In fact, he recently met Blake Shelton and Blake even gave Big Al a kiss on the cheek and a ride in his helicopter.

Speaking of being an “O.G.”, Big Al claims to have been shot years ago…but somehow, there is not a single scar.

In the evenings, you will either find Big Al Buying more plants or at his restaurant/bar singing karaoke with friends.

Big Al can’t swim but he loves the beach and hopes to buy a boat someday!

Also, every day when Big Al gets home from work, his Golden Doodles, Curtis and Tripp, are waiting for him at the door.

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