Hey I’m Ana! While I started working on the show in 2014, it feels like I’ve been part of this family my whole life since I grew up listening every morning! It’s wild to think that now I’m part of the conversations with Kellie, Big Al, and J-Si every single morning! 

I went from long time listener, to intern, to full time employee! I started behind-the-scenes working with KiddTV and the video production team, but somehow my wacky ideas for bits like the “Midweek Update” evolved into getting my own microphone on the show! It’s been the biggest blessing and a growing career that I am extremely proud of!

Some of my hobbies include binge watching shows on Netflix, making silly videos of my rescue dog Buster, and breaking down every single lyric that Taylor Swift has ever written. There’s truly nothing I love more than pop-culture and entertainment, so getting to talk about music, trends, and celebrities on the morning show has always felt like a perfect fit for me!

If you want to get to know me more or chat about your latest Netflix obsession, hit me up on social media @anaszabo13 and let’s talk! ​

Want more from Ana? Check out her weekly podcast, 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast!