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  • Big Al’s Birthday Bash [VIDEO/PICS]

    Big Al’s Birthday Bash [VIDEO/PICS]

    We celebrate Big Al Mack's birthday! Andy Grammer joined us in studio and we had a whole lot of other Christmas fun! Don't miss any of it, listen below! Andy Grammer's acoustic ...MORE

  • The Office Christmas Party [AUDIO/PICS]

    The Office Christmas Party [AUDIO/PICS]

    Big Al Mack was put in an awkward position at this years Christmas Party and we took calls to hear how your office party went wrong. Listen, check out a few pics and share in the c...MORE

  • Strange Things Kids Want for Christmas [AUDIO/PICS]

    Strange Things Kids Want for Christmas [AUDIO/PICS]

    Kellie took her daughter, Emma Kelly, to visit Santa and to find out what she wants for Christmas. Her request was outrageous! Listen to find out what it was below! What strange...MORE

  • Jason Derulo Joins the Show [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jason Derulo Joins the Show [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jason Derulo joins the show! The cast sat down with him backstage before his show and he got caught under the mistletoe with Kellie. Listen and check out a few pictures below! A...MORE

  • 13-Year-Old “Bro” Chat [AUDIO/PICS]

    13-Year-Old “Bro” Chat [AUDIO/PICS]

    J-Si shared a story of a 13-year-old who came out to his best friend by text message. The text exchange is inspiring, but is it real? Tell us what you think in the comments below! ...MORE