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  • Cason Narcs On J-Si [AUDIO]

    Cason Narcs On J-Si [AUDIO]

    J-Si bought his son a toy so he wouldn't tell Kinsey about the new video game he bought... BUT Cason tattled anyway. Have your kids ever done this to you? Check it out below! ...MORE

  • Chloe’s Second Birthday Wish [AUDIO]

    Chloe’s Second Birthday Wish [AUDIO]

    J-Si's daughter, Chloe, really admires her father because she wants to look just like him. What gift is she asking for her birthday? Listen below!  ...MORE

  • Who Wins Jake Johnson’s Phone Number? [AUDIO]

    Who Wins Jake Johnson’s Phone Number? [AUDIO]

    J-Si and Big Al were fighting over Jake Johnson during the break, and Jake let them know who would get his personal number. So... Who's the winner? Listen to find out below! Als...MORE

  • Texts From Inappropriate Fence Guy ​[AUDIO]

    Texts From Inappropriate Fence Guy ​[AUDIO]

    One of our listeners wanted to know if Kellie had ever been hit on by a contractor, because she has been involved in a steamy text conversation with hers. Listen to Kellie and J-Si...MORE

  • What Happened This Summer? [AUDIO]

    What Happened This Summer? [AUDIO]

    You might have slept in early during the summer so we wanted to catch you up on everything that happened this season. Listen to our KiddNation summer recap below!  ...MORE

  • Chloe’s Birthday Party Invite [AUDIO]

    Chloe’s Birthday Party Invite [AUDIO]

    J-Si and Kinsey are hosting a party for their daughter's second birthday, but accidentally messed up the invitation. J-Si asks Kellie and Jenna for advice... Listen to it below! ...MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: Well, how do we fix this?

    J-Si’s Blog: Well, how do we fix this?

    My lil girl is gonna turn 2 in a couple week!!! With the birthday comes a party... because my wife is all about that mom life. She has gotten wiser with the party thing. This time,...MORE