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  • J-Si Wants to Move to the Suburbs [AUDIO]

    J-Si Wants to Move to the Suburbs [AUDIO]

    Kinsey doesn't want to move, but J-Si is trying to convince her that there are greener pastures out in the 'burbs. Check it out below!  ...MORE

  • Cason Gets a Shot [AUDIO]

    Cason Gets a Shot [AUDIO]

    J-Si's son, Cason, had to get a flu shot yesterday and he started freaking out after his father tricked him. Listen to the sad but sweet story below!  ...MORE

  • Cheap Halloween Costumes [AUDIO]

    Cheap Halloween Costumes [AUDIO]

    If you are trying to save money and still haven't found a Halloween costume, J-Si has a couple of options for you. Check them out below!  ...MORE

  • J-Si’s Dumb Question of the Day [AUDIO]

    J-Si’s Dumb Question of the Day [AUDIO]

    J-Si wants to know if anyone in KiddNation likes mosquitoes... aka the Dumb Question of the Day. Listen and share your mosquito thoughts below!   Read J-Si’s Blog: Mos...MORE

  • Get to Know the Show [AUDIO]

    Get to Know the Show [AUDIO]

    We all reintroduce ourselves hoping that new listeners will feel an emotional connection with us and the show. Check it out below!  ...MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: DWTS Drama

    J-Si’s Blog: DWTS Drama

    I am not afraid to admit it: Dancing with the Stars turned on the water faucets in my eyes. Bindi Irwin is such a good person. The package they did, showing her speaking in front o...MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: Mosquito Drama

    J-Si’s Blog: Mosquito Drama

    Ever spend 1.5 hours trying to kill a mosquito? Its like they disappear right before our eyes! I don't get it. They buzz, wake you up, and then harass you until you find it. I fina...MORE