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  • J-Si Felt Kidd’s Presence [AUDIO]

    J-Si Felt Kidd’s Presence [AUDIO]

    Kidd Kraddick past away one year ago, but J-Si feels that Kidd was looking after him and his family over the weekend. Listen to J-Si share his stories below to find out how! lis...MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: Kidd, was that you?

    J-Si’s Blog: Kidd, was that you?

    It has already been a year since we lost Kidd. Can you believe it? It honestly does not feel like it has been that long. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. I have often...MORE

  • J-Si’s Blog: Shhhhh…He’s Sleeping!

    J-Si’s Blog: Shhhhh…He’s Sleeping!

    We have a bully problem at my house... no, my son is not going crazy on his sister. My kids have actually been little angels... lil' angels that color on the walls, hide phones, an...MORE

  • Kinsey Calls in to Impersonate J-Si

    Kinsey Calls in to Impersonate J-Si

    J-Si says Kinsey's voices for impersonating him, their kids and even their dog are all the SAME! Check out this video of J-Si impersonating Kinsey, impersonating him! Then the REAL...MORE

  • J-Si in Slow Motion! [VIDEO]

    J-Si in Slow Motion! [VIDEO]

    J-Si discovered how to record himself in slow motion on his iPhone and this is the hilarious result. Feel free to watch this over and over again! We promise you will laugh EVERY si...MORE

  • J-Si’s ESPYs Montage [AUDIO]

    J-Si’s ESPYs Montage [AUDIO]

    J-Si is back from LA and we listen to him borderline hitting on some of the world's best athletes. Listen to find out what uncomfortable comments he made below, you don't want to m...MORE

  • J-Si Recaps the ESPYs [VIDEO]

    J-Si Recaps the ESPYs [VIDEO]

    J-Si tells us about Drake hosting the ESPYs! J-Si also tells us how he put his own foot in his mouth talking to analyst Stuart Scott. What did he say? Listen to it below to find ou...MORE

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