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  • Our Weekend With Animals [AUDIO/PICS]

    Our Weekend With Animals [AUDIO/PICS]

    Check out the pictures and videos from Emma Kelly's visit to the SpiritHorse International Therapeutic Riding Center this weekend! Get more information at SpiritHorseNews.com an...MORE

  • Get to Know the Show [AUDIO]

    Get to Know the Show [AUDIO]

    We all reintroduce ourselves hoping that new listeners will feel an emotional connection with us and the show. Check it out below!  ...MORE

  • Jenna’s Scary Flight Confrontation [AUDIO]

    Jenna’s Scary Flight Confrontation [AUDIO]

    When an unruly man wouldn't stop disturbing other passengers on the cast's flight to WoofStock, Jenna confronted him and could've kicked him off the plane. Listen below!  ...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: Flight Altercation

    Jenna’s Blog: Flight Altercation

    "Jenna, do you want us to land the plane?" I can't believe this was actually asked and writing this just gives me anxiety already. On our early Saturday morning flight as a cast he...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: Strange Vivid Dreams

    Jenna’s Blog: Strange Vivid Dreams

    If you didn't know, I love reading about dreams. I know they say everyone dreams every night, but I honestly don't have vivid dreams very often. On the occasion that I do recall a ...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: So what else?

    Jenna’s Blog: So what else?

    I'm too old to go out, but too young to stay home:( In the words of Kanye West, "I don't understand it brah". I have hit that weird place in my life where I simply have NO desire t...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: You better get active

    Jenna’s Blog: You better get active

    I am no love expert, but if a guy wants to be active, you better get active. I know this makes me sound insane since I like to exercise, but why do I have a cringe reaction when a ...MORE