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  • Hip Hop Dance Class [VIDEO]

    Hip Hop Dance Class [VIDEO]

    Jenna took her friends, Claudia and Stephen, Part-Time Justin and KiddTV Ryan out to hip-hop dance class and this sexy routine was the final product. Don't miss watching it! htt...MORE

  • The Cast Reacts to Seeing Jenna’s Boob! [VIDEO]

    The Cast Reacts to Seeing Jenna’s Boob! [VIDEO]

    While trying to show off her high waisted pants, Jenna lifted her sweater a little too high, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra and little bit more. The crazy part is that NON...MORE

  • Jenna’s Recipe for The Big Game

    Jenna’s Recipe for The Big Game

    Jenna shared her hot wing dip recipe with us this morning. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl recipe? Share it with us in the comments below! Ingredients 1 rotisserie chicken di...MORE

  • The Show’s Office Grievances [AUDIO]

    The Show’s Office Grievances [AUDIO]

    The cast and production crew emailed their grievances to the executive producer so that he could read them anonymously, on air. Don't miss hearing this... check it out below! ...MORE

  • What’s Your Spirit Animal? [AUDIO]

    What’s Your Spirit Animal? [AUDIO]

    Ever wonder which member of the animal kingdom best describes your personality? Kellie learned her spirit animal is a snake, J-Si is a cat, Big Al and Jenna are whales... Listen...MORE

  • Tinder Tuesday: Dating Profile [VIDEO/AUDIO]

    Tinder Tuesday: Dating Profile [VIDEO/AUDIO]

    Jenna reveals the amount of "super likes" she has received. It made Kellie feel under appreciated on the dating app and she is struggling trying to find a similar number. Watch bel...MORE

  • Texts From KiddNation [AUDIO]

    Texts From KiddNation [AUDIO]

    KiddNation wants to know what is in Jenna's "Green Drank" and if J-Si got out of his dinner date last night so that he could watch the game. Listen and check out the juicing recipe...MORE