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  • Infertility Treatment with Dr. Doody [AUDIO]

    Infertility Treatment with Dr. Doody [AUDIO]

    Jenna has been talking about potentially freezing her eggs. So Dr. Doody joins the show to answer a few questions and talk about how he helps women who are struggling with infertil...MORE

  • Jenna’s Review of “Mad Max” [AUDIO/PIC]

    Jenna’s Review of “Mad Max” [AUDIO/PIC]

    Jenna took a date to see the pre-screening of "Mad Max" and the Selfie Queen, Elena Davies, joins us to talk about "Pitch Perfect 2". Listen to hear their movie reviews below! l...MORE

  • Jenna’s Ghost Tinderer [AUDIO]

    Jenna’s Ghost Tinderer [AUDIO]

    "The Selfie Queen," Elena Davies, joined us this morning because she has taken over Jenna's Tinder account. Elena gives an update and explains all the late night notifications Jenn...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: A Horrifying Discovery

    Jenna’s Blog: A Horrifying Discovery

    I know I talk for a living, but where do I even begin? Since sorta boyfriend and I broke up, I had to figure out an arrangement for my pug Maximus. Our work schedule makes it impos...MORE

  • Jenna’s Dropcam Confrontation [AUDIO/PIC]

    Jenna’s Dropcam Confrontation [AUDIO/PIC]

    Jenna hired someone to take care of her dog Maximus while she is at work, but recently discovered the dog walker was neglecting their duties. Check out how Jenna handled the situat...MORE

  • Maximus’ All Denim Party [AUDIO/PICS]

    Maximus’ All Denim Party [AUDIO/PICS]

    Jenna's pug, Maximus, celebrated his eleventh birthday this weekend and it was all denim everything. Did your invite get lost in the mail? Well... check out what you missed below! ...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: The denimdenimdenim theme was a success! [PICS]

    Jenna’s Blog: The denimdenimdenim theme was a success! [PICS]

    It's not a party until someone takes a dump of the floor. Okay, don't worry; it was neither me nor one of my girlfriend's who did that. That would be gross. Maximus the pug had a r...MORE