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  • Jenna Is Single [AUDIO]

    Jenna Is Single [AUDIO]

    J-Si breaks the news that the old hashtag is back... #JennaGotDumped. Relationships are tough, and Jenna hashes out her recent break up with you and the rest of the cast. Listen to...MORE

  • The Teacher Test: Back to School Edition [VIDEO]

    The Teacher Test: Back to School Edition [VIDEO]

    On this episode of The Teacher Test, everyone is excited about back to school! The entire class is back in the same class with Miss Rasberry. Listen to hear what Al, Jose, Jenna, a...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: The realest blog I’ve ever written

    Jenna’s Blog: The realest blog I’ve ever written

    These are the kind of days I dread going to work. It's midnight, I'm exhausted, but my heart is wide awake because it's just been shattered into a million pieces. A job that requir...MORE

  • The Cast Receives Punishments [VIDEOS]

    The Cast Receives Punishments [VIDEOS]

    Big Al Mack, J-Si and Jenna have lost some on air competitions this past week and now they have to do their punishments. How did they do? Listen to them all to find out below! J...MORE

  • Jenna’s Blog: Rapping or Racist?

    Jenna’s Blog: Rapping or Racist?

    I encountered a dilemma recently and I'm still not sure what the right move was in this situation. I am a terrible singer, but I enjoy dabbling in the karaoke scene occasionally. B...MORE

  • Jenna is Too Old [AUDIO]

    Jenna is Too Old [AUDIO]

    Flo Rida and Jenna were making a good connection until he denied her request to be in one of his videos. OUCH! Why... Jenna is too old?! Listen to how it all went down below. li...MORE

  • Jenna at Comic-Con [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jenna at Comic-Con [VIDEO/PICS]

    Jenna got up close with Mike Tyson, Matt Dillon and thousands of other fans dressed up for one of the biggest sci-fi conventions. Check out her elevator story too! Listen to it bel...MORE

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