My brain is full of the most random stuff, so let’s talk about it! LISTEN


Dipping your fries in a milkshake is a strange combo, just like Nick and Justin.

Nick is a 30 year family man with wife and a baby boy. Justin is a single 22 year old gay man with no money in the bank, but lives it up every weekend. Join Nick and Justin as they talk about the world from two very different perspectives on Shut Up! LISTEN


Lacey is newly married and on the fence about procreating. Amy is happily married with two kids.

Two different lives. Same bathroom schedule and sarcastic attitude. LISTEN


Poorly constructed arguments for petty and hypothetical situations.

Is the Cheeto a chip? (There’s only one right answer) LISTEN


Join me, Ana, as we ride the wave through our Netflix Queues, our TV Guides, and try our best not to jump the shark along the way! LISTEN


Frightful First Dates is the podcast about the good, bad, and the ugly sides of first dates! LISTEN


One pea is a good source of vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin B1, phosphorus, and folate…

But two peas are a great source of supplemental fashion advice, new music fiber, talk on all things trending, and social media vitamins… Important for a healthy and entertaining lifestyle! LISTEN


Buttered Toast gives you a seat at the brunch table full of Millennials

Gossiping about growing up in the iWorld and spilling the T on why SnapChat filters, emojies, wall outlets, Memes, PopSockets and other hashtags are so important. LISTEN


This podcast looks deeper into popular movies currently out in theater.

We discuss the movie, what the actors did to prepare for their role, behind the scenes, and more. LISTEN