J-Si’s Family Tree

Who even knew that buying for a baby could be so confusing? Plus, the unrelated aunties and uncles. And J-Si dives deeper into his family tree! VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Baby Buying Madness!” on Spreaker.

Why Reward Bad Behavior?

This little boy stole a car to go buy a lambo and was busted… Why is he now being rewarded with trips and meeting celebs? Stop rewarding bad behavior! Listen to “Why Reward Bad Behavior?” on Spreaker.

Khloe Kardashian Fired Off A Cease & Desist Letter

Adele impersonators panic… Chantel Jeffries is hosting… Post Malone launched a lifestyle brand… Mary-Kate Olsen requests emergency divorce… and Khloe Kardashian fired off a cease & desist letter Who knew Adele losing all that weight would cause so many problems! This morning on a British TV show, three Adele impersonators