Ana’s Midweek Update

This cancel culture is real, but why aren’t we canceling these annoying things? Plus, who remembers this family vacation flashback when Big Al got caught-caught? VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “Ana’s Midweek Update- Cancel It!” on Spreaker.

Thanks For The Recognition!

Kellie got a really sweet letter… Sorry some of you were left off of the list! Plus, can you be with someone that you’re not attracted to? And how do I start up that laundry cycle? Plus, a new “Love Letters to Kellie… the Podcast” episode released each Wednesday! Need

KKMS Daily News – Paternity Conspiracy

Have you ever wondered… That can’t be my child? Same. And someone shot their shot for a bromance! Hey smart phone! Take this! Plus, just because you can afford the house doesn’t mean that you can afford the furniture. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News Update- Paternity Conspiracy” on

TikTok Happenings

A group of teens that were exploring and “scared” men getting called out… Plus, listen at 7:30 and 8:30am CT for Florida Family Vacation Flashbacks and get that password! AUDIO Listen to “Tik Tok Truth!” on Spreaker.   VIDEOS @emraynea ♬ original sound – emraynea