Shows Not Allowed

Kellie’s parents banned “Three’s Company”… J-Si’s parents banned “The Ren & Stimpy Show”… Part-Time Justin’s parents banned “Courage the Cowardly Dog” and MORE! What TV shows were you not allowed to watch as a kid?

Locked Inside Big Al’s Bar

Ana’s boyfriend is really brave. Producer Nick has a question for KiddNation, Kellie made a rich friend and Part-Time Justin recalls a scary situation. Plus, Producer Trey did so much more than dry January. Big Al brags about date night. And J-Si solved a mystery. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to

J-Si Hurt Himself

It didn’t take long for J-Si to update his parenting style to along the lines of “do as I say… not as I do.” J-Si: “I don’t want my kids riding the hoverboard because they could hurt themselves”Also J-Si: rides the hoverboard and hurts himself. VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to

Can’t Forget The Confession

We delve into some relationship issues, including… The husband opened up a little too much. I don’t want my sister to make the same mistakes that I made! And I can’t quit crushing on my friend. Kellie offers up her love advice on these letters and more! Need advice? Ask

Support for Kelly Wright’s Family

Kelly Wright, who went on the Kidd’s Kids trip in 2010, passed away recently. Her family might be comforted by the support of community and relieved of some unexpected financial strain. If you’d like to help, an account was started where you can donate. Visit for more information! Listen to “Corona