Ana Received A Gift

J-Si got the credit but really, this was from a genius KiddNation member. Producer Nick’s very crappy day. And Ana’s fan mail surprise! Plus, Kellie caved in the RV. Big Al’s girlfriend said no! And why is Andy Cohen dissing on KiddNation? VIDEO   AUDIO Listen to “KKMS News Update-

Nick’s Streak Continues!

Our boy Nick continues with his magic touch! Have you signed up for our Wants and Needs contest yet? Listen at 7:40am and 8:40am CT and you could win your WANT, your NEED, or BOTH! Plus, get more information about our NFT’s HERE! Listen to “Nick's Streak Continues!” on Spreaker.

Turn Up Tuesday

Part-Time Justin tells us how to make a female inspired drink. It sounded so good, until he put an egg in it… Get the Pink Lady Cocktail recipe below. Plus, it is Women’s History Month and here are a few facts: Nancy Johnson created the ice cream machine Ellen Fitz created globes