The Daycare Mix Up

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… We don’t need more proof but Ana shows yet again how she is a superior person! Part-Time Justin had the best meal ever! Kellie’s RV dreams may become a reality. PLUS Producer Trey came home with the wrong thing

I Want My Best Friend’s Girl!

We delve into some relationship issues, including… This is a major bro code violation but I’m in love! Plus, how do you handle a boyfriend that refuses to compromise? And how to regain that spark in the bedroom.Kellie offers her expert love advice on these letters and more! Need advice?

Beat The Bank Is Back… With A Twist!

Beat the Bank is back but there’s a twist that we’ve never seen before. How do you play Money Heist? Plus, J-Si shares the story of a mom influencer that went viral for making a false kidnap report. Listen to “Beat The Bank Is Back.. With A Twist!” on Spreaker.