Kellie’s Swap Party Drama

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Can you be too fast at your job? There were some hurt feelings at Kellie’s swap party and in Kinsey’s kitchen! PLUS Big Al tried doing this in public but it just felt wrong! Producer Trey is returning the favor

J-Si is Getting Catfished

SCAMMER ALERT!!! J-Si and Kinsey have been getting strange texts on their phones. Don’t get catfished… Watch out for these scams. Be listening for the alarm to be activated for Beat the Bank: Money Heist! VIDEOS   AUDIO Listen to “Catfishing And Scamming” on Spreaker.

Turn Up Tuesday

Part-Time Justin tells us how to turn up our drinks! This week’s treat was inspired by the cosmos… Get the Big Bang Shot recipe below. Plus, the we discuss Einstein’s theory of general relativity and extraterritorial life! AUDIO Listen to “Turn Up With The Aliens!” on Spreaker.   PHOTO   INGREDIENTS 1/4oz

Overachieving Remodel

Today’s overachieving teacher is Bonnie Franklin and she is planning on using the money to purchase blue safety sleeves that soften the bright lights and create a relaxed atmosphere! Read what she wrote below. “Ever wonder what it was like to be a student in a “state of trauma”? Many

This Girlfriend’s Hashtags Say A LOT!

Big Al’s girlfriend is really opening up in her hashtags… PLUS Kellie gives us an update, J-Si was impressed with Cam Anthony’s Boyz II Men cover and Producer Trey keeps bringing THIS up! Listen to “This Girlfriend's Hashtags Say A LOT!” on Spreaker.