Big Al’s Scary Story

KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Big Al had to run to the rescue during a late night emergency, Kinsey says the wrong thing and Producer Trey tests out another joke at the doctor’s office. PLUS Ana wonders if this was a good deed or

Blake Shelton’s Retweet

Looks like Blake liked the Cake… If you could have a chill friendship with any celebrity, who would it be? PLUS J-Si accidentally ruined his Father’s Day gift! Listen to “J-Si Ruined His Father's Day Present” on Spreaker.

Turn Up Tuesday

Part-Time Justin is turning it up with a beautiful blue and pink cocktail in honor of people who are trans. PLUS Turn Up Topic: Alexa… There are so many cute little features Alexa has that not a lot of people know about. Check it out! I got 99 problems Alexa, Self Destruct

Potentially Misses Out On A Fortune

We got some really exciting fan mail! Plus, what are the most popular gifts for Father’s Day? And you don’t need all of the facts, just some of them and that’s why we bring you tidbit news! Today’s edition: Woman glues 7700 pennies to her bathroom floor and potentially misses out on