33 Things to Quit Doing When You Hit Your 30s
33 Things to Quit Doing When You Hit Your 30s

Kellie loves lists and she found another one to share with you. A list of more things you shouldn’t do after age 30. Agree or disagree? And should something be ADDED to the list? Check it out and share in the comments below!


Anyone over 30 shouldn’t…

  1. Facebook stalking, particularly your ex.
  2. Seeking approval from other people.
  3. Beer pong. It’s time to toss the red solo cups.
  4. Sleeping away your entire weekend instead of doing something fun or productive.
  5. Weeknight binge drinking (or binge drinking in general). Those hangovers get worse with each passing year.
  6. Building up debt on your credit card. Now is the time to pay it back, not make it worse!
  7. Hitting up mom or dad for money.
  8. Keeping bad friends around out of convenience, or because you’re too lazy to cut them out. Send them packing!
  9. Buying anything and everything you want when you’re shopping.
  10. Sneaking a smoke.
  11. Buying new underwear instead of doing laundry.
  12. Advertising drunk nights on social media.
  13. Skipping beauty routines. Start moisturizing ASAP!
  14. Pulling all-nighters.
  15. Making excuses not to do your workout.
  16. Eating fast food.
  17. Hanging unframed pictures or posters on your walls. We think Starry Night is great too, but it’s time to take it down.
  18. Ignoring 401k packets when you get them.
  19. Spending most of your money on alcohol or eating out.
  20. Waiting for someone to do something for you so that you don’t have to.
  21. Only cleaning the toilet or tub when it literally can’t wait another minute.
  22. Giving up when things get hard.
  23. Waiting to take out the trash and recycling until guests are coming over.
  24. Holding on to old grudges.
  25. Washing your bath towel and sheets once every few months, or just when you have company coming.
  26. Neglecting family time.
  27. Not taking responsibility for things.
  28. Flossing only once a year before your trip to the dentist, and then right after, when the dentist guilt-trips you in to it.
  29. Unhealthy dieting or buying in to quick-fix weight loss plans.
  30. Texting while driving.
  31. Not saving money.
  32. Participating in drama.
  33. Not staying up-to-date on current events.

Credit to Hilary White for the list. Check out more on this HERE.