We honor Matt Withrow, thanks to VISIT FLORIDA!

Nominate a veteran that you know HERE and read what Danny wrote about his brother in arms below.

“Matt Withrow is my friend and brother in arms. When he arrived at Fort Hood and placed in my platoon. He was smart, driven, hard working and a bit of a smart ass…we got along instantly. When we deployed, I knew that I had to have Matt on my team. He helped me motivate, train and perform at the highest levels and we always had a blast doing it. Personally, Matt was one of my best friends. We could argue for hours about all manner of serious topics: Star Wars, WWE vs WCW, politics and of course, family. I was a new father and Matt was the expert having joined to Army to better provide and support his 3 children. When I left the service, I was soon divorced. It was a dark time in my life. Without my wife and children I fell into a deep unhealthy depression.Matt was there for me. He listened, advised and when I needed let me fall apart and motivated me to pick myself back up. Now, I have my kids full time and I’m doing great. He will always have my respect, gratitude and admiration.”

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