A Listener Thinks J-Si and Jenna Are Too Close
A Listener Thinks J-Si and Jenna Are Too Close

The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show received a letter from a listener concerned about J-Si and Jenna’s relationship. Listen to the cast discuss it and read the entire letter below!

Listener’s Letter

The interaction between Jenna and J.C. on and off the radio disturbs me. J.C. is a married man and should not be going to the movies with Jenna with or without Kinsey. Also, Jenna should not be calling J.C. in the middle of the night because she is having a melt down about her relationship with another man.

I don’t care if they say they are just work friends. This kind of behavior is never acceptable and only causes problems for the married man. Kinsey does not deserve this. Jenna needs to grown up and stop flirting with J.C. and J.C. needs focus on his wife and kids more. Enough is enough.

If I hear one more thing about Jenna & J.C. getting together I have decided I will no longer listen to your morning radio. I’ve been married 32 years and their behaviors are unacceptable. Kinsey deserves better than J.C. if he can’t grow up and stop the flirting with Jenna.