OJ Simpson’s estate fights payouts… CBS is sorry… Jelly Roll reveals he’s lost ’70-something pounds’… Taylor Swift’s owned music has returned to TikTok… and A lot of Bravo news

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A few things we’ve learned since O.J. Simpson’s died from cancer on April 10. Before he died, TMZ says all visitors – including his family – had to sign NDAs and weren’t allowed to bring their phones into the room. Two days after he died, OJ’s will was filed in Las Vegas, and his longtime attorney Malcolm LaVergne said he was “flummoxed” to find out OJ named him as the executor. But despite the initial shock, LaVergne told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, It’s my hope that the Goldmans get zero, nothing. Them specifically. And I will do everything in my capacity as the executor or personal representative to try and ensure that they get nothing.” Even though OJ was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and the Goldmans’ son, Ron, a civil jury found him liable for their deaths, awarding the Goldman family $33.5M. In the almost 30 years since then, Page Six was told that OJ only paid $123K, and because of added interest, OJ died owing the Goldmans and Nicole’s family more than $100M. OJ reportedly had an all-cash rule. If you wanted to do business with OJ or have him sign anything – and he reportedly would sign ANYTHING – he would only do it if he was paid in cash. That way, there was no way to document how much money he had coming in so he could avoid paying the Goldbergs. In addition to keeping the Goldbergs from getting paid, LaVergne says he’s also committed to keeping OJ’s brain in his head. LaVergne told the New York Post that several scientists reached out to the Simpson family, hoping they would donate his brain for CTW (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) research. LaVergne said that’s a “hard no.” According to his wishes, OJ will be cremated in his entirely. LaVernge said, “His entire body, his brain, everything, his fake hips, his fake knees, everything. That all goes into the crematorium.”

Meantime, others are cashing in on their OJ Simpson memorabilia. In fact, the owner’s of OJ’s infamous white Bronco are thinking about selling it. The Bronco is currently on loan to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee, but its owners are thinking maybe this is the time to cash in. In the past, they’re reportedly had offers of up to $750K, but with OJ’s death — which coincidentally fell the same year as the 30th anniversary of the Bronco chase — they’re hoping to get at least $1.5M.

CBS aired Billy Joel: The 100th – Live at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night, but there was a problem. The broadcast was cut two minutes short in the Eastern and Central time zones due to the local news. Fans were LIVID, especially because Billy was in the middle of his last song, Piano Man! But the Masters Tournament ran over so the Billy Joel special started half an hour late…But Billy’s fans said that’s no excuse! CBS has apologized for their programming error, so to make it right, CBS will re-air the entire concert this Friday at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. It’s also available to stream on Paramount+.

Jelly Roll signed up for the first-ever 5K on May 7, and he’s taking it very seriously. Jelly Roll told People he’s been running 2 to 3 miles a day, 4 to 6 days per week. He’s also been doing 20 to 30 minutes in a sauna as well as 6 minutes in a cold plunge every single day. In addition to that, Jelly Roll is following a healthier diet and as a result of all that effort, he’s down about 70 pounds! Jelly Roll told People he feels so good, he wants to lose another 100 or so! He said, “If I feel this good down this weight, man, I can only imagine what I’m going to feel like by the time I go on tour.” And that 27-date tour kicks off Aug. 27 in Salt Lake City and wraps up Oct. 27 in Charlotte.

After a 10-week absence, Taylor Swift’s songs have returned to TikTok! Universal Music Group had pulled all its artists from TikTok over issues of compensation, AI concerns and online safety. But Taylor’s new album The Tortured Poets Department comes out this Friday….And she’s all about marketing….And Taylor’s deal with UMG gives her ownership of her songwriting and recordings, as well as control over where her music is available, so Taylor’s music is now back on TikTok.

The Bravo Universe was shaken yesterday with headline after headline! Before the reunion even aired, Candiace Dillard Bassett quit Real Housewives of Potomac after 6 seasons. Last season she shared her fertility journey and at the reunion, Candiace shared she wasn’t sure she was ready to go through with IVF. But yesterday Candiace and her husband Chris announced they are expecting a baby, and she’s made it past the first trimester! Candiace had a male and a female embryo and told doctors to go with the strongest of the two. They haven’t found out what they’re having yet, but they will! She hasn’t yet found out what she’s having, but she will! In other news from that franchise, Potomac OG Robyn Dixon announced that she’s been fired and will not be returning for Season 9. She will, however, still be doing her Reasonably Shady podcast with Gizelle Bryant, who is staying with the show. There’s also a rumor that Nneka Ihim won’t be coming back for a second season, which isn’t fair, in my opinion. Another Housewife getting the boot is Crystal Kung Minkoff, who announced on her Instagram that she is not being asked back to Beverly Hills after 3 seasons. Sticking with the West Coast, Jennifer Pedranti and Ryan Boyajian had a great first season mixing it up with Tamra Judge on Orange County. They’re coming close to wrapping filming on Season 2, and I’m pretty sure cameras were there to capture Ryan proposing to Jen at Baha Mar — a favorite vacation destination of the Housewives. But in maybe the most shocking Bravo news yesterday, Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Nepola shared on her Instagram Story yesterday, “I am shocked and heartbroken that Todd has chosen to dissolve our marriage.” I KNOW!!!!! Todd filed to end their 3-year marriage yesterday, claiming it was “irretrievably broken.” In other words, he’s completely embarrassed by the way he was portrayed on the show last year and most likely blames Alexia for it.


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