A Scary Medical Situation For Big Al’s Wife
A Scary Medical Situation For Big Al’s Wife

Big Al isn’t with us because he is taking care of his wife who is dealing with a major medical issue.


“Dear Heavenly Father,
You are omnipotent. You are worthy of all glory, honor, and praise. We pray that you will cover Aimee with a shield of protection and continue to protect her from the enemy. She is yours. We trust you not to allow Satan to cause her any harm. In Jesus name, we pray that she will be healed of all sickness and infirmity. We pray that you will remove any and all harmful germs, toxins, bacteria, and viruses from her body and give her clarity of thought and Your peace that passes understanding.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray and ask that You will bind, rebuke, severe, disallow, and dissolve any and all diseases that are coming against her from the air, water, food, or any other sources. You healed the blind and the lame. You cast out demons and brought the dead back to life, so we know you have the power to heal Aimee’s body, mind, and spirit, and we trust you to take care of her.

DEAR FATHER GOD, may The HOLY SPIRIT effectuate immediate breakthrough in every area of her life in JESUS Name.

Lord God, please send your most powerful angels available to destroy the forces that are working against her body. I thank YOU, that she will live and not die and I praise You that we will all declare your mighty and awesome works.

In JESUS Mighty Name, we pray for her complete and rapid restoration, rejuvenation, and healing. Amen! Amen! Amen!”
– Big Al Mack


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