Big Al’s Blog: A Vacation With Hunny #2
Big Al’s Blog: A Vacation With Hunny #2

Dinner with hunny 2 and meeting mom: Well, its no secret that meeting a mom of a girl that you are dating can be a stressful event. Add in the fact that you are a “little” older than the girlfriend and the fact that you are a radio DJ and you own a bar. The two occupations that I would imagine that most moms would tell their daughters to run from! But mom was actually amazingly cool. It probably had a little to do with the fact that she had just got a pedicure minutes before we met. She was in a total relaxed state of mind. was I nervous as heck? Heck yes. But she made it all better when the first words out of her mouth were, “the first time I heard you on the radio was when you told the story about losing your virginity.” Ok, nice meeting you too! I wanted to crawl into a hole. She didn’t say it in a mean way. It was just one heck of a way to start off the evening. We made a plan and we had dinner 2 hours later. It actually was very nice. When we parted ways, she said something to me that not only has a mom never said to me but I don’t think a girlfriend has ever said to me… she asked me to give her a “shout out!” in fact, her exact words were “give a shout out to hunny #2’s mom.”

Mexico a couple days later: Hunny 2 and I made our way to Mexico. We actually went a day earlier than scheduled so we had to stay in a different hotel for the first night. the Hotel Room with a new girlfriend is always an interesting. And this particular hotel was nice but the room was small. The one thing I always think about when I’m in a hotel with a girl is pooping. And the bathroom was like 4 inches from the bed. I spent the entire evening stressing out about not being able to go. And you know when you can’t go that’s when you want to go the most. But it looked like I made it. it was 12midnight, we were snuggled up and I thought to myself, I made it. then, 2 minutes later, it hit me. I had to go. Well, I won’t go into details but I will just say that nothing can kill a mood for love like, well, that! I was so embarrassed…she tried to play it off but needless to say, I couldn’t snuggle up any more after I had just had a bathroom experience.

The next day, I found out that hunny 2 has a secret. We took this long walk. First of all, she probably was not that impressed with my choice of activity. You have to understand, I go to Mexico pretty often. There’s not a lot of activities that I haven’t done 2 or 3 times. And yes, I know its not all about me. but my idea of a vacation is just resting on the beach. So when she asked what I wanted to do and I said “nothing,” I don’t think that is what she wanted to hear. But that is what I wanted to do. I suggested a long walk on the beach. That’s what we did. And it was a long walk. 30 minutes into the walk, she said, “I have to tell you a secret.” She said, “I have sweaty feet…my feet really sweat..A LOT!”

I was very impressed that she felt comfortable enough to tell me about such a personal thing. So, I teased her and laughed and we laughed so hard that she snorted! I said wow, sweaty feet and you snort too?? You are so hot to me right now!

Sweaty and snorty! This gets better and better. I will blog more about the trip tomorrow!