We have all made big mistakes at work. I’m the first to admit that I have made far too many to count. But fortunately, I work at a job that even when I make a big mistake, usually, its nothing more important than asking the wrong person about comparing their butt to Kim Kardashian’s butt. In other words, even a big mistake isn’t a huge deal. So, how did these 3 or so guys that work at Chase Bank make such a huge mistake? A mistake that cost the company two BILLION dollars! Wow! I think I saw in one report that Chase has eight billion dollars in assets. So, these 3 guys cost the company 25% of what the company has…or HAD! That’s a HUGE ASS MISTAKE!

So, that makes the next step for me to ask: whats the biggest mistake that you have made at your job?

Speaking of big mistakes, the CEO of Yahoo is either resigning or has been fired. Why? He lied on his resume. Wouldn’t you think before the Human resources chick calls this dude in for an interview, they would do a 30 minute background check? Ok, enough news.

Mothers day was awesome. I started the celebration off with taking mom to a Manicure/Pedicure on Friday. I hope she was awake long enough to enjoy it but she told me after that she did fall asleep for parts of it. it was one of those massages where they massage your calves as well as your shoulders and neck. But she enjoyed the time away from the house and the fact that people were rubbing on her. I went over to the house on Sunday afternoon and hung out for a while. why is it that dads aren’t nearly as “fussed” over as mom’s are? Dad’s just kinda hang out on fathers day. maybe a ball game, or maybe a steak dinner I guess. Oh, well…its what men do.

Saturday, there was this huge Pub Crawl in the part of town where my bar is. For those that don’t know how these pub crawls work, the people are divided up into teams of 10 people. There were 20 or so bars participating in the crawl but your team only goes to 5 of them. And at each bar, each team is given coupons for 3-4 pitchers of beer. You stay there, drink the pitchers, and walk, (or crawl) to the next bar. This was one of the largest crawls of the year. There were maybe 3000 or so people at this one and yes, drunk news was reported! And it was all for cancer…You’ll hear some of that on Friday.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. Oh, and I was wide awake ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT.