That Awkward Moment
That Awkward Moment

BuzzFeed shared several awkward moments posted by TheBloggess on Twitter. Listen, check out a few of our favorites and share your awkward moment in the comments below!

KiddNation’s Awkward Moments
That awkward moment when ur at the office and someone asks ” Marry one, kill one, do laundry with one” and you answer and when you say who you would kill and they are standing right behind you!

I was volunteering at a special Olympics event and was talking with another volunteer. I said something that was ridiculous and he responded, “that’s R-word”……

My awkward moment I asked a gentleman if he needed a hand while he was checking his mail because I noticed he was having some difficulty and he turned around and only had one hand.

That awkward moment when you are trying be sneaky to take a Snapchat picture of a stranger and your flash goes off and they catch you

That awkward moment you’re in the store with your 4 yr old and she playing on the floor and just so happen to look under my dress and I told her to get up and she yelled out umm mommy you’re not wearing any panties under there… And the whole store LOL’d … I was so embarrassed

The awkward moment when you are at a funeral and when hugging one of the surviving family members and tell them “i loved her to death”….awkward!!!

That awkward moment when you pull up to a drive thru and order a mushroom burger, the lady says we don’t have that, and you argue with her about it.. Only to realize you pulled up to the Arby’s, not jack in the box next door. I drove away.