Have you ever told a white lie or embellished too much on your resume to get a job? Check out Forbes list of common lies candidates tell on their resume and listen how production guy, Trey, lied to get his job here below!

According to Forbes, the most common lies candidates tell are the following:

  • • Lying about getting a degree (M.B.A. from Whatsa Matta U)

  • • Playing with dates (2000-2004: Rikers Island Starbucks)

  • • Exaggerating numbers (Increased revenues infinity percent)

  • • Increasing previous salary (They paid me in ingots and conflict diamonds)

  • • Inflating titles (Most Exalted Grand Poobah)

  • • Lying about technical abilities (Haskell and Lisp? In my sleep bro!)

  • • Claiming language fluency ( Urdu, Tagalog, and that African clicking language)

  • • Providing a fake address (1600 Pennsylvania avenue, 10236 Charing Cross Road)

  • • Padding grade point averages ( 9.0…What?)

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