The house hunting is in full effect… you know what makes it tough? Everything else that is going on. On one hand, I feel rude because my sister is still in town and her trip has not been the most luxurious or fun trip that it could possibly be. I feel guilty that I have had to meet with random contractors, electricians, lawyers, and now realtors. Today we can add loan agents to the mix because we need to see how much money we can be approved for… I should have known that because we have found two homes that are low in the price range, that we really like, but they may be gone after this whole loan thing gets going.

I liked the view I had on home buying a lot better when I was a kid… I thought it was like monopoly, you don’t blow your money on a cheap location, you save it until you land in the good one. I realize that you are not given a set amount of cash in real life. That is what makes it different. Being a grown up is nutty. By the way, if you are super rich and want to front the money on a house so I don’t have to deal with the bank peeps, let me know… I will pay you back all the way in about 30 years, 15 if you hook it up with only a 2% interest rate. I know that’s low, but if you do this its because you are super rich and you don’t need the money. Maybe Oprah will give me a house as a gift since we are best friends now. ha!

Speaking of Oprah, it starts today. My first day of filming. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know how long it will take, and I don’t know how I am going to handle it. I am thinking about going all memorable on them and having a Tom Cruise moment. People always remember the freak outs, they never remember the calm people. After the taping, I can let Hollywood know that I was acting, and boom! I will be a movie star. Can you tell I am lacking sleep? I am also lacking clothes… I think I have run out and I am pretty sure I am missing half of my clothes, including chones and socks. No idea where anything went. I just know that my pile of clothes is disappearing and I need to figure out some sort of laundry situation.